ITV Daytime challenge
for Graphic Design students

Second year Graphic Design students have teamed up with ITV on an exciting industry brief, creating dynamic graphic animations for its daytime schedule.

11 Jul 2022

Representatives from ITV visited UCA Farnham on several occasions through the course of the project, working with students on three briefs – creating animated graphics called stings, wipes and bumpers for the Queen’s Jubilee coverage, Lorraine’s Change and Check campaign and Martin’s Finance Fixes.

Catharine Slade-Brooking, Year 2 Lead Tutor, said: “The briefs mimicked real projects ITV were working on, and as such were quite fluid – they changed over time, like the Martin’s Finance Fixes brief changed when it became apparent that the economic situation across the country was changing, and the tone needed to be more serious.

“The students really gained a lot from the experience, and we’re hoping that we’ll do it again next year. We’ve previously had collaborations similar to this with the likes of Yolk Creative and BskyB, and it’s led to great things!”

After setting the initial briefings, the duo from ITV Daytime – Fiona Skinner, Head of Design, and Laurie Griffith, Deputy Head of Design – visited three times more to help the students with logo and type development, and then again to see the static work. Finally, they visited again to see the finished work and provide feedback.

ITV Daytime and Graphic Design

Fiona said: “Working with the students I was very impressed by the level of enthusiasm, engagement, and design creativity from all the students on the three briefs we set them.

“It was great for us to see the different approaches they took to fresh branding development as well embracing the challenge of re-designing existing strands for our ITV Daytime programmes. The experience of working with the students also gave Laurie and myself a wonderful opportunity to introduce our ITV Daytime Design world and work to a new generation of design talent.

“I really hope the students feel inspired to follow a career in design and obviously we’d love them to think about broadcast design as a key part of that career journey.”

Above, A 'final sting' for the Queen's Jubilee, by Nicola Gale

Laurie added: “I can honestly say I was very impressed with not only the engagement of the year two students but taken back by the level of creative thought and fearlessness that went into their work from concepts through to final production.

“During the project we visited the students on a handful of occasions for crit sessions. They were all very respectful, attentive, open, and engaging. This positive attitude and openness to re-thinking among the students most definitely came across in the quality of their work and is a credit to themselves and their tutors.”

Above, a final sting for the Change and Check campaign, by Rebecca Wellbelove

The final part of the collaboration is yet to come – when the students get to visit ITV Studios in London to meet the ITV Daytime design team and get real-time insight into the world of broadcast design

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