How to kick-start your creative career (post-lockdown)

The UCA Careers service give their top tips on getting your professional life off to a great start in this year’s job market.

12 Jun 2020

Of the many things to be concerned about when looking towards a new normal — with all its restrictions and implications for finances, health and wellness — we know that how to kick-start your career is likely to be quite high on your list.

So we called on our friends at the UCA careers service to offer you some post-lockdown careers advice, whether you’re still studying and looking for a part-time role, or about to graduate and enter the full-time job market.

Here are their top tips to help you stand out from the crowd, and give your job prospects a boost.

Remember the three Ps

Get involved

Experience is everything


Social presence

Get ready to mingle

Extend your professional network

Stay ahead

Learn new skills

Know who can help you

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