A Day In The Life — how our technicians are staying creative

Our technicians are expert practitioners in their own right, and provide vital on-campus support to students. While they can’t get on campus, they’re finding other ways to make the best of lockdown. We caught up with printmaking technician Léa Dalissier to find out what a typical day in the “new normal” looks like for her…

21 May 2020

London-based artist Léa Dalissier is one of three printmaking technicians at UCA. She works primarily in drawing and screen print, creating multi-layered images that explore technology, ecology and activism. Through her work, she hopes to allow for contemplation and a chance to slow down in an anxious and fast-paced world. As a technician, she’s currently supporting from afar, running drop-in sessions and technical clinics on printmaking, via Zoom. And she’s also working on some exciting projects of her own….