Educational references

If you are an employer, you can request an educational reference for our current and former students by emailing our Student Records team

Make sure you have written consent from the individual - you will need to provide this to Student Records. Unfortunately, digital signatures cannot be accepted.

To protect the personal data of our students and graduates the form must explicitly state that the student gives permission for the University to release information to the company requesting the reference. Here’s an example statement:

I, [Full legal name] give permission for University for the Creative Arts to release my attendance and certification information to [company name].

[Hand signature] [Date]

As well as this consent form, employers also need to supply:

  • The individual’s full name.
  • Their date of birth.
  • The course they studied
  • The year they graduated (or expected end date if they are a current student).

The request should then be emailed to

An educational reference will confirm dates of attendance and final awards only. It will not confirm an individual’s character or eligibility for employment. If you require this information, please request a character reference.

Academic and character references

Academic and character references provide a more personalised description of UCA student or graduate’s personality and work outlook and is usually written by a member of our academic staff who has worked with them closely.

You can request an academic or character reference by emailing the Campus Registry where the student or graduate studied.