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Dr Qifei Huan

Dr Qifei Huan is a Lecturer in Behavioural Economics at the Business School for the Creative Industries. He develops and delivers the courses in behavioural economics, quantitative analysis, financial market forecasting, and organizational behaviour. He is passionate about the researching of economic dynamics for its ability to impact the whole society.


Qifei is a lecturer in Behavioural Economics at the Business School for the Creative Industries. He is involved in the teaching and researching of several subjects such as economics, organizational behaviour, quantitative analysis, and financial market forecasting. He devotes himself to investigate the problems and create a better structure of education to apply the “Theory of Economics” to other different subjects at Business School, and even beyond the Business School (e.g., AI, music, social media, architecture, mathematics, energy, environment, etc.). Here, at UCA, it will be a great place that we can make this happen together.

Prior to his appointment, Qifei spent three years teaching and researching at the University of Aberdeen. His teaching courses delivered were Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, History of Economic Thought, Health Economics, Applied Economics, Corporate Finance, and Mathematics. His researching focused on behavioural economics, consumption theory, economic history, econometrics, and financial economics applied with mathematics. During this period, he was also involved in some research projects collaborating with the economic department of the Business School at University of Aberdeen. He was in charge of data analysis and reports delivering in EY marketing expansion strategy (2020), British Airways Acquisition projects (2021), and Petrofac renewable energy discover and innovation (2022).

Up to now, Qifei has built a closely relationship with several internationally recognized economists. He worked on the topic “The effects of private debt on economic activity, and does it cause the next financial crisis” with Professor Steve Keen. He contributed to the history of economic thought, the effect of private debt on households’ well-being, and income inequality chapters in Professor Stavros Drakopoulos’ book (University of Athens). He is passionate about investigating societal and economic barriers of Nations’ development.

Research statement

Research area of interest and practice:

  • Fields of economics: macroeconomics, behavioural economics, financial economics, econometrics, and history of economics.
  • Fields of finance: financial mathematics, financial modelling, financial engineering, investment principles, and random walk theory.
  • Fields of mathematics: probability and game theory.

Research supervision

Qifei is interested in supervising PhD students in different areas of economics and finance.

Dr Qifei Huan