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Nizam Majumder

Nizam graduated from the MA Animation course from UCA Farnham in 2023. He worked as a freelance CG generalist for animation, games and various experimental international projects. His knowledge of the professional creative process led him to join UCA as a teaching assistant in 2022 alongside his master’s. Now he works as a technical tutor in Computer Animation.

Nizam Majumder


Nizam is a CG generalist whose educational background is rooted in a Diploma in Architecture & Interior Design, followed by B. Design Multimedia & Animation and ultimately achieving a master's degree in Animation. Nizam’s professional journey seamlessly shifted from conceptualizing architectural spaces to crafting a narrative story through animation.

With a career spanning since 2019, Nizam has established himself as a successful freelance CG generalist, working on diverse international projects that highlight his technical abilities. Nizam’s graduation film has received several awards and official selections.

He currently supports BA and MA animation students as a technical tutor at UCA.

Nizam’s graduation film ‘Beyond the Street’ won as best animation film at the Golden Lion International Film Festival and also earned an honourable mention at the Athens International Art Film Festival. This film has received official selection from various film festivals including European Short Awards, Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions, London Director Awards, Under Our Skin Festival, Varsity Film Expo etc.