Lecturer of Music Composition and Technology

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Laura Lee

Laura is a creative practitioner, guitarist, composer & technologist.


Laura is a Lecturer of Music Composition and Technology and undertaking a practice-based PhD with collaboration with Ableton Live both at University for the Creative Arts.

Recent works include performance collaboration with Tom Northey, live improvised piece exploring the relationship between sonic inquiry and interaction with s_andra_v2.5 (a generative digital artwork that examines the interplay between autoschediasm and parametric design) at the Experimental and Expanded Animation Conference (2018).

She also presented at International Guitar Research Centre Conference (2016) at the University of Surrey with Dominik Strutzenburger, Head of Pop Division at the Vienna Conservatory and the University of Wuerzburg entitled Human vs. Machine in Post-Rock Guitar Collaborative Performance.



Research statement

Keywords of Research, Popular Musicology, Post-Rock, Liveness, Studio Practice, Human-Machine Interaction, Post-Digital.

Laura Lee