Health, Safety
& Wellbeing

Your experience at UCA can only be a truly great one if you feel safe and stay healthy – that’s why we take our Health, Safety and Wellbeing services really seriously.

Whether it’s ensuring you use our specialist facilities safely, making sure your mental health is good when the pressure might be on, or safeguarding you from potential threats, we’re committed to make sure you feel sufficiently supported and protected.

This applies whether you’re a student, a staff member or a visitor.

Our roles include:

  • monitoring health and safety compliance
  • ensuring any incidents are fully investigated to prevent any reoccurrence
  • working with others to achieve results that benefit us all
  • providing easy to use guidance documents and processes
  • providing specialist advice on all aspects of health and safety.

What we do at UCA

We believe it's really important that health and safety policies are fully integrated into our courses, and that means helping our students understand the value of adopting safe working practices when on our campuses.

This means we put all our students through a health and safety induction process, which includes a handbook and a campus induction that includes fire and first aid procedures, general safe working and housekeeping, arrangements for smokers and how to report.

Students also have a course induction as well as workshop and studio inductions, so they know how to safely use equipment and machinery or hazardous substances.

The wellbeing of our students is also of great importance to us, and we have many ways we can support them, which you can find out more about on our student services page.

Safeguarding at UCA

UCA takes the safety and wellbeing of its students – and its staff and visitors – seriously and as such has a robust safeguarding policy. Our dedicated safeguarding page gives you more details on our policy and what to do if you have a concern. 

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