Workers’ rights and the
global supply chain

Living Wage

In 2018 the UCA Leadership Team approved a proposal to continue to commit to paying the Living Wage as a minimum, to all UCA staff in established and fixed term posts.

Sustainable Procurement

The UCA Sustainable Procurement Policy aims to ensure that all the University procurement activity is undertaken in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner and that all factors are taken into account as appropriate throughout the procurement process. This includes ensuring that, where relevant and practical, opportunities to realise the University’s environmental and social objectives as set out below are captured through procurement activities:

  • Minimising carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimising energy and water consumption
  • Reducing waste produced and enhancing reuse, remanufacture, recycling and recovery of waste
  • Minimising hazardous material use and preventing pollution
  • Minimising unsustainable, and using sustainable, resources and materials (e.g. sustainable timber)
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Enhancing opportunities for education, training and employment
  • Using fair and ethical supply chains
  • Encouraging SMEs and Social Enterprises to compete for business
  • Ensure that procurement activity complies with all National and European legislation.
  • Ensure that best practice procurement techniques, equality and sustainable procurement principles are considered in every commercial decision based on whole life costs and value for money.
  • Encourage innovation and ongoing R&D to drive value for money and positive, sustainable outcomes.
  • Create a reputation for being a centre of sustainable procurement excellence and as being a good organisation to do business with
  • Assist the University in its targets for long term sustainability.

In 2023 UCA joined NetPositive Futures, a platform which will enable the University to set a baseline and track sustainability progress of our existing and new suppliers. Around 600 of our existing suppliers provide data to NetPositive Futures.

Purchasing Consortia

Much of UCAs procurement (including Information and Communications Technology) is undertaken through its membership of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC).

SUPC is committed to carrying out its procurement activities in an environmentally, socially, ethically and economically responsible manner and to enter into agreements and contracts with suppliers that share and adhere to its vision. To demonstrate this commitment, current and potential suppliers are asked to confirm their compliance with these principles. More details on SUPC Sustainability can be found at:

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