If you're looking to stay at UCA halls of residence during your time with us, then you'll find everything you need to know here - from the application process, how we allocate places, accepting your accommodation offer and preparing to move in.

And if you have any questions, we've got all the contact details you need here too.

Applying for

When you've firmly accepted your offer, you can apply for accommodation using our online portal.

When you've firmly accepted your offer, you can apply for accommodation using our online portal. We'll send you details on how to access this.

If you're an international student, you'll need to have paid your deposit, too.

We usually start allocating places in June.

You can apply through our online accommodation portal, which you'll find on your applicant portal. Here, you'll find more information on the finer details (like fees and periods of residence), and select where you'd like to stay and what room type you want.

Although accommodation is not guaranteed, we are usually able to offer a room to the majority of applicants. Last year 95% of applicants who applied for accommodation before the accommodation deadline (6th June) were offered a room.

We prioritise applications in the following way to ensure certain groups get the accommodation they require.

The first allocation will be carried out from the 7th June 2024 and the rooms will be allocated at this point.

Priority order:

  1. Any students with a diagnosed medical condition/disclosed disability that necessitates the applicant to live in halls of residence rather than in private accommodation will be prioritised if evidence is supplied in support of the application.
  2. Care Experienced students.
  3. New students whose home address is the greatest distance (as the crow flies) from the respective University Campus. Due to demand no prescriptive distance is given as it is variable each year.

Please note that the Accommodation Services do not prioritise according to the date that the completed application is received, unless where more than one application is and the distance from the university is exactly the same.

You’ll get an automated email once you have submitted your application, and we'll contact you again once we've finalised our allocations. This may take a little while, but please don't worry - we will be in touch.

We'll need you to accept your offer in your applicant portal by the deadline we send you - be sure to read through our accommodation agreement and terms and conditions of residence as well. If you don’t accept by the deadline date, we will withdraw the offer and reallocate your room.

To accept an offer, you’ll need to complete the relevant information and make an advance payment of £300 by the deadline date. This will be deducted from your first instalment of residence fees.

Our accommodation agreement is a legally binding document. Once agreed, it means you’re signing up for the whole period of residence and full residence fees.

Once you have accepted your accommodation agreement, we’ll let you know when you can complete our online induction and check-in. From here, we can confirm where you'll need to go when you arrive and when to collect your keys.

For some people, halls accommodation isn't their ideal choice. If that's you - or you didn't get allocated a halls place - we'll email you with details on how we will help you secure private accommodation.

We've got a dedicated private accommodation page where you can find out more.

Contact the Accommodation Team

The Accommodation Team are available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday to answer any questions you have about living at UCA.

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