Our student population reflects a great diversity of faiths, beliefs and cultures, helping make UCA a wonderful place to study, work or visit.

You’ll see and experience that we are about more than tolerance or even respect – we actively appreciate what people of different faiths, beliefs, and cultures bring.

What matters to us is not what an individual is, but who they are and who they aspire to be.

Multi-faith services

Our multi-faith services are accessible to all students at each of our campuses. They:

  • Offer you time and space to reflect informally upon the wider aspects of life while you study here
  • Can help you find a suitable place of worship
  • Are able to give you information about the activities of the main faith groups in your local area
  • Are involved with recreational and social activities across the campuses.

Faith groups & worship centres

For information about the faith groups and services at each campus, head to the Students Union and the University library. Our ‘Worship centres’ leaflets also provide contact information for the worship, chaplaincy and multi-faith centres near to each of our main campuses.

Independent information

If you need reliable, balanced and relevant information about a particular religious group or new religious movement, you can speak to Inform – an independent information network on religious movements. Inform provides information about new and minority religions as well as alternative spirituality that is balanced and up-to-date.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7955 7654
Email: inform@lse.ac.uk

Additional info

Some websites you may find of interest: