If you graduate from one of our pre-degree courses and want to move on to a creative degree, we can guarantee you a place on one of our undergraduate courses with a £500 bursary.

UCA’s Diploma 2 Degree (D2D) scheme is designed to offer you an easy and stress-free transition to the next stage of your studies, where we take care of the application process for you.


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D2D will be available to you if you’re studying any of these courses at UCA and want to move on to a degree course:

  • Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice
  • Extended Diploma in Art & Design
  • Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design
  • International Foundation in Art, Design & Media

No. You just talk to your Programme Director about which degree course you’d like to take. Once agreed, you make your course selection via the Diploma to Degree task in your Student Portal and we take care of the application.

No. Wherever you’re based for your diploma, you can still choose to study at a different UCA campus for your undergraduate degree if you want to.

As well as a one to one discussion with your Programme Director, you’ll get the chance to go to talks from the Programme Directors for different undergraduate courses, and take part in two D2D taster days where you can try out the kinds of work you’d do on different degree courses.