UCA's School of Fashion & Textiles, led by Jules Dagonet, is developing its research plans as it moves into an exciting new phase.

Its team of researchers are currently exploring subjects ranging from the impact of costume on performance to the relationship of our garments to our psychology and sense of self.



Here are just a few of the groundbreaking Fashion and Textiles research projects our staff are working on.

Light Dial is a linked series of live performances that bring together dance and music with patterned, sculptural costumes and ‘sets’ generated by live drawing. Chris Rutter and Evelyn Bennett's research tested the constraints of the dancing body, exploring how liveness and improvisation were affected by inherent restrictions in bodily movement, sound and form.

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In this body of fine-art textile research, Neil Bottle mines his own autobiography and his archive of family photographs, exploring the nostalgia evoked by these material fragments. He deconstructs and re-presents physical photographic prints and digitally captured images, translating them into complex and layered digital designs.

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In ten exhibitions and an associated publication, Shelly Goldsmith explores the fine veneer of cloth that stands between us and the world. Her research investigates the process of locating our sense of self, using the dress form as a canvas for an exploration of the psychological theory ‘Locus of Control’.

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