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22 Nov Documentary Discourses Conference

Documentary Discourses Conference
22nd November 2017
University for the Creative Arts,
Farnham, Surrey

In June 2017 CNN sent courtroom artist William J Hennessy Jr. to a White House briefing following the prohibition on filming and live audio recording of briefings. This form of circumventing restrictions, questions the significance of the illustrative image and illustration practice in relation to contemporary forms of documentary. In turn this action reflects the diverse discourses that arise from contemporary forms of documentary practices, that mediate experiences and knowledge through direct engagement, observation, interviews, reflective experiences, archives and other forms and sources. The strategy of using illustrative methodologies and approaches to document and report the news, perhaps indicates the contemporary relevance and use of the illustrative as a documentary form. While there has been a resurgence in documentary/reportage discussion of its relationship with other documentary forms, practice, research and study has yet to be developed. The one day conference aims to promote inter-disciplinary research and to explore the development of different forms of documentary practices and discourses such as animation, film and photography, in relation to illustration. In particular, to investigate the function and role documentary forms of illustration in contemporary culture in relation to documentary forms of other fields of practice. Invited speakers are drawn from animation, photography, illustration practice and research.

Keynote Speaker: Lainy Malkani

Confirmed Speakers
Gabrielle Cariolle and Paul Roberts, Arts University Bournemouth
Dr Nina Mickwitz London College of Communication University of the Arts London
Gareth Proskourine-Barnett, Birmingham City University
Rachel Gannon, Kingston University
Dr Paul Ward, Arts University Bournemouth
Alys Scott-Hawkins, Arts University Bournemouth
Professor Anna Fox, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham