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15 March - The Craft History Conference

The Craft History Conference

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Conference Conveners: Professor Simon Olding, Director, Crafts Study Centre and Professor Lesley Millar, Director of the International Textile Research Centre, University for the Creative Arts.

The Crafts Study Centre is home to one of the great public collections of craft, comprising not only exemplar objects but also significant archives. The combination of these elements can be seen as a narration of craft history written by the makers’ themselves. They are the unmediated materials for critical discourse: ‘Britain’s memory bank of craft’ in the words of Glenn Adamson.

The International Textile Research Centre places contemporary textiles in aesthetic, cultural and theoretical contexts, often setting out radical argument through exhibition practice. This is craft history written in the moment, interpreted through artefact.

This conference, aimed at practitioners, writers, research students and educators, reviews the purpose and the point of craft history.