Tim Savage appointed as research adviser
to new National Institute

The University for the Creative Arts’ Director of Technical Learning, Tim Savage, has been appointed as an adviser and collaborator to the Research Hub of the new £5.5m National Institute of Technical Skills and Strategy (ITSS).

08 Mar 2023

Hosted by the University of Nottingham, the new institute will support the UK’s research community and its bid to be a global research and innovation superpower in science, engineering and the creative industries, where UCA’s global authority on technical teaching in creative arts higher education comes in.

ITSS will provide expertise on technical skills, roles, and careers in UK higher education and research. Within his role in ITSS’s research hub, Tim will advise and contribute to gaps in knowledge about technical roles, skills, careers, education, and training and work with funders to attract new investments for future research.

He said: “I am thrilled to be appointed as a collaborator and advisor. The ITSS will advance the knowledge and understanding of the vital role, which technicians play, in teaching and supporting learning.

“Through my participation, I hope to inform and develop new agendas and contribute authentic views of creativity and innovation – from our studios and workshops – to government, sector initiatives, and funding bodies to inform key policy areas.

“Lots of impactful work will come from this research hub as well as essential funding for research activities.”

In recent years, technical teaching has grown in prominence and UCA has often been the leading, if not only, creative arts voice in the room. It was the first specialist arts institution to sign up to the Technician Commitment, has represented creative arts universities across the UK in a national report into the role of technicians in higher education (TALENT Commission), and won the Best Technical Team in UK higher education (Papin Prize).

By joining ITSS, Tim will give technicians working in this specialist sector a louder voice. And by representing UCA, Tim will build upon its existing technical achievements and global authority on technical teaching by supporting the government’s ambitions for the UK to become an innovative nation.

Dr Kelly Vere, Director of Technical Strategy at the University of Nottingham, said: “The UK has a shortage of technicians across all sectors and there are significant equality, diversity and inclusion challenges impacting the current workforce. These factors pose a serious threat to the UK’s innovative strength and global competitiveness. We are delighted to be establishing the UK Institute for Technical Strategy to ensure that we have the technical capability and capacity across the country to realise the UK’s ambitions of being a research and innovation superpower.”

To learn more about Technical Services and UCA’s Technician Commitment, visit the UCA website.