The Innovation HUB (UCAiHUB) Funding Scheme for Impact Projects aims to support staff members to undertake projects that have the potential to create social, economic, environmental or cultural impacts for industry, business or the community by building on expertise or knowledge in the University.

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The list of projects supported under the iHUB Funding Scheme

PASIC is an independent forum that aims to catalyse and accelerate discussions related to sustainability and cricket equipment and clothing. PASIC will complete this through initiating discussions online and face to face, organisation of innovation processes and facilitating connections. 

Partner: The British Association for Sustainable Sport: BASIS

UCA contact: Martin Charter

There is a gap in the market for bespoke career development for mid-career creative professionals who feel their practice has become repetitive, or need new thinking, but do not wish to undertake an academic MA or PhD. This pilot project is designed to test and assess the appropriate methodology for an independently run, self-sustaining, professional development course for this target group who wish to re-focus/find a new direction. 

This funding pilot is a new and engaged business model for CPD in the arts and for artists. The program aims to sustain itself in the future through paid participation income generation.

The project brings together a multi-stakeholder group involved in the cricket gear ecosystem to explore an innovative materials substitution related to cricket gear. The project aims to analyse vegan leathers and evaluate the feasibility of the use for cricket gloves, batting pads and balls.



Gunn & Moore: producers of cricket gloves, pads, balls, bats, clothing and other gear: interested in prototype development of vegan leather cricket gloves, pads and balls 

Annas Annan: the producers of Piñatex – vegan leather that uses pineapple fibre; provider of materials 

UCA Contact: Martin Charter


The project uses a cutting-edge data analytics suite to identify key insights for Farnham Repair Café. Farnham Repair Café (FRC) is part of the global Repair Café movement led by The Repair Café International Foundation; as a charity, FRC aims to protect and safeguard the environment for the public benefit through the promotion of repair and re-use of products as a means of preventing and minimising waste disposal. The project will create a dashboard that monitors the repair activities of the repair café and identify key diagnostic issues and solutions by product category through text-mining 

The project contributes to public policy in relation to product repairability, standards and indicators 


Farnham Repair Café (FRC)

UCA Contact: Shawn J Li


The project brings together production industry practitioners, researchers, SMEs, service providers, creatives, educators, and learners in a symposium of networking and knowledge share. Held over two days at The Maidstone Studios in Kent, the event will host exhibitors, demonstrations, panel discussions, and networking, seeking to build regional networks and consider the future for working practices and skills development in a rapidly evolving sector.



Maidstone Studios

UCA Contact: Mike Rymer


As part of the Extended Senses: Embodying Technology Symposium 2022, this project supports a partnership with Rokoko and IJAD/OOT and creative industry professionals working on extended human sensing, through engagement with emerging modalities and technologies.


RokokoRokoko is driving a paradigm shift in how creators work with animation and digital motion.

IJAD Dance Company

UCA Contact: Camille Baker


The project brings people, artists and cultural organisations together to discover residents’ stories, make neighbourhood connections, and discover the particular housing estate Maiden Lane Estate in Camden in a new light, through the cutting-edge technology of Augmented Reality (AR).

The project is part of the Camden People’s Museum. A new concept in the ‘museum’ space challenges preconceptions of what a museum is – it has no door, no walls and exists in the world around us, spread across the Camden landscape. ‘Visitors’ to the Camden People’s Museum can enjoy its collection of artworks and experiences that reveal the stories, sounds and spirit of one of London’s most iconic boroughs.




Camden Council

UCA Contact: Steffi Klenz



The project's aim is to create a link between the academic and creative research happening at UCA and the population of Farnham (and visitors to the town)Working with the Museum of Farnham’s archives and historians to develop the content, and with local people to record songs, poetry and story, lead artist Sophie Austin will weave together this material to convey the trauma and troubles that keep phantoms returning to the historic buildings of Farnham. The self-directed circular walk will start and end at the Museum of Farnham and will take in ten sites around the centre of Farnham. 


Working in partnership with the Hale Community Centre, this project runs outreach animation workshops for young people with complex needs in the Farnham area. Workshop activities are themed around materials in the Animation Archives – primarily, in the first instance, from the Bob Godfrey Collection.  

The project benefits local young people who are socially excluded and makes the Animation Archive an inspiration for creative projects partners: 

Hale Community Centre

UCA Contact: Birgitta Hosea 


The project supports a partnership aiming to understand the differences between living and recorded reminiscence music for people living with Alzheimer’s.  This research question is used as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and conversation and forms a backdrop for a series of workshops that bring together music practitioners, caregivers and academics.    


LifeCare - LifeCare supports older people, those living with dementia or poor health, and the people who care for them. 

UCA Contact: J. Harry Whalley


'Dear Ukrainians’, is an observational documentary that, over the next year, will follow the ‘Homes For Ukraine’ scheme through the lives of the families and individuals who have signed up. The production team will be made up of Ukrainian refugee filmmakers, UCA students and a professional documentary crew supported by Pinball London an award-winning independent production company.


PinBall London – Production company

UCA Contact: Zoe Sale

A group of sector leaders including the Fast Forward research group are working together to affect change for women photographers and audiences in all aspects of our society.

The Hyman Foundation hosted and sponsored the Fast Forward Women in Photography Research Workshop.

Partner: The Hyman Foundation

UCA contact: Anna Fox 

The project aims a novel moving image artefact about the 17th century history of enclosures as changes in the social relationships of agriculture that have shaped the rural landscapes around Farnham. The objective is to enhance the collection and interpretation that informs and intrigues visitors to the Farnham Museum. The project also involves students in a small production on location dramatizing the making of a mapping survey using an Alidade – a 16th century surveying instrument. 


Farnham Museum

UCA Contact: Stephen Connolly


“Archive discoveries and the power of symbols” project is a collaboration with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum New York, based on Henry Dreyfuss’ work with symbols to formally launch The Symbol Group at the inaugural symposium “Symbol ’22: Dreyfuss at 50” (7 & 8 October 2022) celebrating 50 years since the publishing of Dreyfuss’ Symbol Sourcebook in 1972.

The project will engage the wider public and the research community by establishing an interactive archive experience and developing further online projects.


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, New York

UCA Contact: Sue Perks

The main objective of this project is to design, install, merchandise, and run a successful pop-up shop and creative workshops in the currently vacant Café space at the Beaney. This opportunity will increase footfall and engagement with the museum itself, increase employability in the students, increase public awareness of both institutions and create extra revenue for both partners. 

This pop-up shop proposal is the first of several future initiatives that will further knowledge exchange between two of the major cultural institutions in Canterbury.  


The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury

UCA Contact: Anna Baranowska


The issue of embodied carbon (or, the measure of C02 released in the production and assembly of building materials) in UK construction is a pressing one for Architects to address. The UK built environment is responsible for at least 25% of UK total greenhouse gas emissions, of which between 20 and 30% are attributable to the embodied carbon of construction materials and methods. 

Larger UK Architectural practices are beginning to innovate with tools for low carbon accounting and embodied carbon assessment yet a similar tool encompassing the different challenges of smaller scale domestic projects has yet to be developed. Our project will provide a ‘first-ever’ structured empirical means to aid the decision making process with a domestic client. As such it has the potential for significant impact within what has been established to be a large proportion of the UK architectural industry. 



UCA Contact: Sam McElhinney


Navigating Luxury brings together, all in one evening, speakers and audiences from around the globe to discuss and debate luxury as an interdisciplinary art: industry insiders, academic experts, luxury connoisseurs and devotees. From a private club in the heart of Mayfair, London, we will explore the themes of luxury as sustaining quality, ritual and performance, art collaborations, immersive, transformative experiences and the commodification of fine art. 

UCA Contact: Nadya Ostroff


The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain is the leading subject and professional organisation for architectural history and architectural historians in all their professional contexts, including higher education, heritage and practice in the UK. The Society is also the leading forum for lifelong learning for all with an interest in history of the built environment. Amongst the work the Society does there is a gap in their output: namely that if you want to access the expertise and knowledge of architectural historians, you have to attend symposia and seminars, or read the journal. There is clearly a gap here for the society to communicate the collective body of knowledge of the membership to a broader audience who might not read the journal, or attend academic events. The podcast series fills this gap and also seeks to solidify the relationship between the membership and the society by producing new forms of content for the membership

UCA Contact: Jessica Kelly

Partner: The Society of Architectural Historians of Great-Britain

This project aims to develop a new collections policy for institutions in Scotland and increased accessibility for current archives with a particular reference to the archive of the project Migrant Stories. 

Fast Forward and NGS will host a workshop with participants invited from across Scottish institutions (those that collect and exhibit photography) and members of the communities that have been and maybe represented in photographs in these institutions, As well members of the Fast Forward team will be a part of the workshop and representatives from the National Gallery of Wales and the Centre for British Photography will also be invited with a view to creating new networks and impact further afield. 

UCA Contact: Anna Fox


With support & guidance from UCA Galleries Curator, Last Friday’s Folkestone Producer, Ash McNaughton and a host of leading industry creative producer's students will develop and deliver a 6 month exhibition program (January – June, Last Fridays 2023).  This will connect with key sessions from Lucy Chick in Careers and will be supported at key moments by Fine Art Course Team tutors to develop student awareness of wider curatorial contexts and histories. 

UCA Contact: Moyra Derby

Partner: Brewery Tap UCA Project Space Folkestone