Entry requirements
for Clearing

We always consider the strength of our applicants’ portfolios as well as their grades and we therefore may make offers which are lower than our standard entry criteria.  This might be because some students, who were expected to achieve the necessary results, may have fallen slightly short due to mitigating circumstances or difficulties.

We regularly admit students with a tariff much higher than our standard entry requirement. And applicants who show potential but aren’t quite ready for a 3 year degree course may be offered a 4 year degree with an integrated foundation year which has a lower entry requirement.

Your portfolio

If you would like to apply for a course that requires a portfolio and you have earned at least 32 UCAS points from an art or design-related subject, we can consider your application without needing to see a portfolio.

If you haven't earned at least 32 UCAS points from an art or design-related subject, we may ask you to submit a portfolio for consideration with your application. Check out our blog on putting together a portfolio at short notice.

To save time, we may ask you to submit your portfolio digitally. You can either upload this to an FTP like Dropbox or WeTransfer and email to us, or use an online platform like Flickr or Behance

Non-UK Entry Requirements

In addition to the entry requirements shown above, non-UK students are required to have an English language qualification. For specific information about the level required, see the entry requirements on the individual course pages.