#CreatorsAssemble: Creative Ways to Help in your Community

Wondering how you can use your creative skills for the greater good in the battle against Coronavirus? Here are a few ideas.

14 Apr 2020

Right now, as we all face life in a new world dominated by Covid-19, it feels like we’re completely dependent on science to save us.

But we believe art has a crucial role to play, too. Through it, we can connect people to fight isolation, spread vital messages that keep people safe, shift perspectives to protect mental health… and that’s just for starters.

That’s why, throughout our #CreatorsAssemble campaign, we’ll be sharing weekly briefs that challenge you to use your creative skills to help your community tackle some of the biggest problems it faces during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We’ll post a new brief each week, adding them all to this blog as we go. Ready to get stuck in? Let’s do it.

Brief #7: The new school rules (26 May- 2 Jun)

It would be easy for all this to get a bit scary and overwhelming, so we’d like you to create something that explains one of these new rules in a fun, positive way that will help kids remember what to do. It can be in any medium — a cartoon, a fun graphic, a rhyme, song, video — as long as it’s fun, memorable and reassuring. For inspiration, check out the examples below:

Brief #6 (19–26 May): Art vs Abuse

No one should ever have to live like this. If they are, it’s important they know that they’re not alone, and there is still help available, lockdown or no lockdown. So this week we want you to create a social media graphic that spreads the word about the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline, which anyone can call on 0808 2000 247 or message at

Brief #5 (12–19 May): Charity begins at home

Now’s the time to get creative about plugging that gap. This week’s brief is to create something to help raise funds for a charity that’s seen its income drop as result of coronavirus. From a starting a viral sponsored challenge to setting up an ‘Art for charity’ listing on Etsy, how you do it is up to you…

Brief #4 (5–12 May): Mouths to feed

It’s time to remind those who can help that their donations matter more than ever right now — and that in most cases they can donate at their local supermarket when they do their normal shop. Your mission this week is to find out what items your local foodbank needs most, and create something shareable that will encourage people in your area to keep donating them.

Brief #3 (28- April — 5 May): Be a home school hero

That’s where you come in. Use your creative skills to make a video or step-by-step blog showing kids how to create something using objects they’ll find at home.

Your work might teach them to use a new technique to create a unique piece of art, or give them a guide to creating a toy, dress-up accessory, or even something practical. You’ve got the knowledge — just add imagination!

Brief #2 (21–28 April): Good Neighbours

But you can help. We want you to create a piece of social media content encouraging people to help their elderly or sick neighbours. Use this information and video from Age UK to get started.

Brief #1 (14–21 April): Ordinary Heroes

This week’s brief is to remind them that they’re not alone; that while we all have moments of self-doubt, we’re capable of more than we think.

What things in your life do you turn to when you need to remind yourself of what you’re capable of? Maybe there’s a song, a quote, a picture, an object, a memory, that you rely on when you need a shot of self-belief?

Whatever works for you, we want you to take that as your inspiration to create something that gives our NHS heroes the inspiration to fight another day, showing them that we know they’ve got this, and we’re right there with them. Share your work with #CreatorsAssemble — we can’t wait to see it!