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AtelierUCA is a collective of University for the Creative Arts’ students and alumni, collaborating on an exciting Public Art commission at Kings Hill, Kent, with Yinka Ilori (MBE) and Turner Contemporary. With specialisms ranging from Fashion to Fine Art, Photography to Architecture, Graphic Design to Illustration, to name a few, AtelierUCA members share a thirst to engage with the Contemporary Arts community and to learn from practising artists.

27 Sep 2021

In their first blog post, AtelierUCA presents the team and gives us a look ahead at what the project has in store over the coming year. 

Our first commission is a humdinger. We’ve been invited to work alongside Yinka Ilori (MBE) and Turner Contemporary on a new Public Art project in Kings Hill, Kent. 

AtelierUCA will perform a series of roles over the coming months. From documenting the project to helping curate exhibitions and publications; working alongside Yinka in his studio and assisting in the delivery of a series of interactive community workshops - the zest for this commission is strong and varied. 

Our role is both to learn the processes that can take place on a live project, allowing us to gain skills and experience along the way; and also one of innovation, as we work closely with established arts partners to realise a project that is very focused on community. 

The work will culminate in the installation of a new artwork at Kings Hill Garden Village’s New Park in Spring 2022. 

Meet the AtlierUCA team! Hover over the images to learn more about the AtelierUCA team members.

AtlierUCA Curatorial Placement, Ellen Kydd, MA Fine ArtAtlierUCA Documentation Photographer, George Mapston, BAFashion Photog GradAtlierUCA  Project Development, Lauren-Lois Duah, MA ArchitectureAtelierUCA, Publication Ali Usurelu, Graphic DesignAtelierUCA Publication, Kelly Ho, Yr3 Illustration and AnimationAtelierUCA Publication, Jana Ogorodnik Fashion Media & PromotionAtelierUCA Documentation Photographer, Jasmine Pope, BA photographyAtelierUCA Project Development Mihaela Yankova, 3rd Yr Architecture & DesignAtelierUCA Studio Placement, James Brickell, Illustration & Animation Yr3AtelierUCA Project Development, Vicki Salmi, Fine Art 3rd YearAtelierUCA Project Development, Simone Swaine, Fine Art Yr 3AtelierUCA Project Development, Tania Hills, MA Textiles for fashion & interiorAtelierUCA Project Development, Ingrid Ruan, Interior Architecture & Design Yr3AtelierUCA Publication, Aishat Bello, MA Visual CommunicationsAtelierUCA Project Development Sound Production, Rael Koiv Music Compositon & Tech YR3AtelierUCA  Documentation Photography, Xena Mounteney, Fashion Photography

Yinka Ilori is a multi-disciplinary artist and Artist in Residence in Kings Hill. Yinka is known for his boldly coloured graphics and playful approach to contemporary design, with previous works ranging from furniture to large scale architectural and interior design projects. We’re thrilled to have the invaluable studio placement with Yinka, to learn more about his artistic process.  

Turner Contemporary’s presence on the project has us eager to learn. An iconic national gallery, the Turner is a natural turn-to for students at UCA. With trips to the gallery, both university-led and for personal interest, the exhibitions on show at Turner help inform and inspire ideas for many degree courses across the UCA. We are really buzzing about this opportunity and look forward to working with Turner as the project unfolds.

Kings Hill Public Art project has been made possible by Kings Hill development partners Liberty Property Trust and Kent County Council. We're very thankful for their support and look forward to helping deliver an innovative series of workshops and artworks over the next few months.

AtelierUCA are grateful for the inspiration and support of Yinka Ilori StudioTurner Contemporary and the Kings Hill development partners Liberty Property Trust and Kent County Council