Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Quality Assurance
& Enhancement

The Department of Quality Assurance and Enhancement manages all of the quality assurance and enhancement processes governing the University's academic provision.

It liaises with the relevant external bodies to ensure that the University aligns with best sector practice for quality assurance and enhancement, including: the Office for Students, Quality Assurance Agency, Ofsted, professional and statutory bodies and the Higher Education Academy.

It is responsible for developing the University's quality strategies and managing the regulatory frameworks governing its awards.

This includes all procedural aspects of assessment: maintaining credit schemes and assessment regulations, administering the external examiners scheme, managing the student appeals and complaints processes and overseeing the operation of Boards of Examiners.

It also includes defining and overseeing implementation of the University's quality mechanisms for governing courses, primarily:

  • responsibility for the Quality Assurance Handbook;
  • developing and supporting the implementation of policies and procedures relating to the approval, monitoring and review of courses and changes to courses;
  • managing public information requirements; 
  • overseeing the operation of the Student Satisfaction Surveys;
  • overseeing collaborative arrangements.

The Department is responsible for quality enhancement processes to ensure responsiveness to quality data and it co-manages the Student Engagement Project with the Students' Union.

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Degree Outcomes

In May 2019 the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment published a Statement of Intent proposing that every higher education provider across England produce and publish a Degree Outcomes Statement analysing their degree classification profile and articulating the results of an internal review in the context of their arrangements for teaching, learning and assessment of students, academic regulations, and academic governance. The statement is required to be published by the end of the 2020 calendar year

Degree Outcomes Statement – University for the Creative Arts (PDF)