Associate Dean, Institute of Creativity and Innovation, Professor of Creativity and Innovation Education

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Professor Philip Lambert

Philip Lambert is the Associate Dean of UCA’s new campus in China, the Institute of Creativity and Innovation, opened in partnership with Xiamen University.

Professor Philip Lambert


Lambert comes to UCA with a wealth of educational background, with qualifications in engineering, teaching, business and interdisciplinary studies. He specialises in creative education, with research interests in developing creativity and creative potential.


  • PhD in Interdisciplinary studies (dissertation: Creativity and Innovation: A Complex Adaptive Systems Theory), University of New Brunswick
  • Diploma in University Teaching, University of New Brunswick
  • MBA, University of New Brunswick
  • BESc, University of Western Ontario
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Design, Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Research statement

Lambert’s research interests include understanding and developing creativity and creative potential, the application of complex adaptive systems theory to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and effective creative education.

His research has led to the development of simple rules arising from complexity science that can have a profound effect on the creativity and innovation efforts of individuals and organizations. This research reveals that highly-creative individuals and organizations are more flexible along several continuums in relation to less-creative individuals and organizations. Understanding these dynamics, and learning to be adaptive along them, opens the door to the necessary dynamic balance individuals and organizations require to optimize the present, while preparing for the future.

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