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Dr Mike Marshall

Dr Mike Marshall's videos, photographs and soundscapes quietly transform and re-evaluate simple scenarios and ambient spaces.

Dr Mike Marshall


Just as the 'minor' events of daily life often only slowly reveal their interest and potential, Dr Marshall's work attempts to prolong and reconfigure the sensory qualities of experience.

In doing so it reverses conventional hierarchies of looking and at the same time provokes examination into the nature of our engagement with the immediate world around us.

Each of Dr Marshall's video works has a rich and detailed sound component that fill and pressurise the depicted space. Ambient sounds are layered, re-orchestrated and often allied with musical composition to form a deep space filled with sonic events that both cut across, coincide, accelerate or slow down their visual counterparts.

His large-scale photographs present densely filled environments with distinct ambient qualities and are often 'rich' in terms of the textured detail provided by the format on which they are shot. Each uses an unexpected play of depth and focus that aims to place the viewer at an uncertain threshold somewhere between de-focused 'blank staring' and concentrated looking.

Research statement

Research interests:

  • Visual arts
  • Installation
  • Sound arts
  • Recordable media.

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

  • Panel Member for the Art and Travel Symposium at Kingston University (in 2009).
  • 2010: commissioned by Stour Valley Arts and Artsway.
  • 2006: commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella (Arts Council England and the UK Film Council).