Greig Burgoyne

Greig Burgoyne

Programme Director, Fine Art, Photography & Visual Communication Pathway Leader, BA Fine Art Year 1

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Greig Burgoyne

Greig Burgoyne joined the School of Fine Art and Photography in 2009. He is Programme Director for the School of Fine Art & Photography and is Year 3 Pathway Leader for the BA Fine Art course at UCA Farnham.

Greig Burgoyne


Greig studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.  He has an MA in painting from The Royal College of Art, London and a post graduate teaching qualification from University of Brighton. He has held numerous teaching posts and visiting lecturing roles in the UK and abroad including NASCAD Halifax Canada, Novgorod state University Russia, Haute école des art du Rhin (HEAR) Mulhouse & Lille III University.
He engages in a broad-based site- specific spatial practice that embraces film, live performance, installation, sound and text.

Burgoyne unites materials often sourced in and around the proximity of the site each project takes place within, alongside process-led, rule-based strategies.  Theoretical frameworks specific to phenomenology, the post-soviet experience and literary structures around the fragment inform that research. He immerses in concepts of play and the speculative, that are ultimately driven by curiosity and risk, that often conclude with a de/materiality of the precarious, akin to the pathetic. Residual scraps of that forming/unforming. Taking the anomalies of the space, he seeks to test, measure or expand the paradoxes of body/site relations with regard to space and our experience in it, of it and alongside it. 

The results are immersive, often absurd and beguiling re-navigations or configurations specific to the site and /or subject. In doing so Burgoyne proposes new dialogues that seek to generate a condition of becoming, translation and flux instead of stasis; a site of experience rather than merely location.

Research statement

Greig Burgoyne is an artist who specialises in site-specific drawing. Here he discusses the process behind his work including his most recent: bad drawing/ paper cell.

Each project Burgoyne does is unique to the space its for. Gapfillers at Wasps Briggait spaces last year was a drawing performance that took the idiosyncrasies of the front of house project spaces as its starting point. It was an exhibition that united repetition, accumulation and endurance alongside specific references to the site. Burgoyne is keen to bridge the anomalies between the spaces organisation and the interrelation dynamics of moving in and around those same spaces.

Scapelands at DrawingBox Belgium sought to extend and immerse the viewer in what exists between what Blanchot refers to as the ‘two spheres that didn’t know each other, two moments in time perhaps entirely foreign to each other and yet coming together within their shared foreignness’. 


Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

  • ACE research award 2016
  • UCA research award 2016