Progression Routes and Advice

Progression Routes

There are lots of study routes available to enter the creative industries, regardless of whether the student is considering a future in arts, business, technology or a combination of all three.

The important thing to consider when a student is thinking about a creative career is where they are now and where they would like to be. This is an important consideration throughout their education but especially so during key periods such as when taking their options at Level 2 and 3 and beyond.

Creative education is about allowing students to develop their practical and artistic skills, building their portfolio and giving them the opportunity to experiment and explore. The creative industries offer a wide variety of different careers.  By equipping students with the rights tools and knowledge, they can excel in a huge and growing industry.

As creativity is such a rich and diverse area for study, specialist creative institutions such as UCA, offer a variety of pathways to suit all kinds of learning styles and educational backgrounds. As students spend more time researching their potential options, they’ll get a better idea of which route suits them best.

Our Top 10 pieces of advice for creative students:

  1. Discuss your options with career advisors, teachers, parents and carers, but remember that ultimately it's your decision

  2. Identify your likes, interests and skills and explore various career options that would fit these attributes

  3. Think about skill development and the qualifications that would help you on your personal creative career path

  4. Talk through what further education paths, work experience or apprenticeships are available to you with your careers advisor

  5. Get inspiration from

  6. Be proactive and look into university and college open days

  7. Apply for , short courses and taster days

  8. Build a portfolio of work

  9. Start developing a personal statement

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from students about creative careers and the creative industries to help you answer their questions

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