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Irregularity is random, uneven, eccentric, distorted or imperfect, it is the quality of not being regular in shape or form, something that is unusual or unexpected.

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This Competition encourages you to develop your creative thinking and skills in film, media and performing arts and explore these disciplines in more depth.

The aim for the outcome is to gain an in depth understanding of the creative process and to produce a showreel in a creative form which will demonstrate irregularity through collaboration, creativity and passion to produce a piece titled Uneven.

Students are encouraged to push the boundaries and experiment with film, media and performing arts using all forms of spoken word and a variety of sources connected with moving image and associated with irregularity, inequality, variability, disparity, roughness, asymmetry, inconsistency, jaggedness, imbalance and disproportion.;

Sunday 16 May 2021 competition closes.

Film yourself on the subject of The Self and The Selfie or film the movement of people, everyday objects in moving image or photography in your community where you live, experiment with words and describe your day and the irregularities you come across whilst making this film. Remember to do a storyboard which is an important part of the pre-production prior to clearly conveying the story and to see how your shots work. Before filming, experiment with different film settings in iMovie. Watch an iMovie Basics Tutorial – How To Use iMovie – YouTube.

Creating a backdrop for your irregular shapes you are going to film or photograph or perform? You could create an inexpensive Photography Lightbox made out of a shoe box and using desk lights in your home that provide directional lighting each side of the box. For the backdrop you can use white cotton or silk, white card, or any paper that will work to create a theatrical setting for your shapes.

Record the noises of the home which could include the act of cleaning including hovering, sweeping, mopping, rinsing, washing up, loading and unloading the dishwasher, doorbell ringing, doors opening and closing, walking up and down the stairs. Sounds of other background noises including radio, music, television, moving traffic outside your home or birds in the garden. Use your phone to record these sounds. Use Voice Memos on your phone to make the recordings and Adobe Audition to make the sound piece or Soundscape. Added audio effects can be done by Sound Snap.

Performing a short irregular play incorporating poetry, sound and image to tell a personal narrative on irregularity. Look for a pattern in the poem. Arrange your words into a particular repetitive form to structure the poem. Use a combination of sound and visual elements to provide the structure for the poem. Distort the sounds and make a sound piece to go with the words. Stop and start the words and the lines of the poem to make it disjointed.

Props could be used for your film, your stage set, your photography or your play. Use household objects such as amazon packaging, corrugated cardboard, cleaning materials or bath soaps or talcum powder, upholstery or dress fabrics, old socks, shoes and create interesting and irregular shapes to wear as an object on yourself, a member of your family or a friend and make an irregular happening with your hand made adaptive in your home!

Here are some suggestions and ideas you may use to complete your entry. Your showreel can be presented in one of the following forms:

Short film with a title and a duration of 5 minutes on the topic of one of the words associated with Irregularity. For example, you could use the word variability. 

Backdrop/Stage Set in an imaginary theatre which could be made out of an inexpensive shoe box with lighting and special effects on the subject of Asymmetry.

Soundscape or audio recording of the sounds you recorded in or outside your home on the topic of irregularity. Use the word Inequality in association with this theme.

A short play which can be performed live and recorded for the viewer to watch with a duration of 5 minutes on the subject of Uneven. 

An Irregular Object to be shown on a person or a group of people representing Imbalance in all its forms.

If you would like to explore further, invite your members of your family or friends to a film screening showing the outcomes of this brief which could be a Short Film, a Stage Set, a Soundscape, a Short Play or invite them to wear an irregular object. These could all be shown on paper or by digital means. For example, paper mock-ups in a story board, colour visuals for back drop images of soundscapes, a script for a play or ideas for an illustrated and irregular sculpture.

Our competitions are suitable for young people aged 15-18 who have an interest in creative subjects and would like to develop their skills, knowledge and portfolio.  

The aim of these competitions are to provide an opportunity for young people to access free creative opportunities from a higher education institution to support them to find out more about creative subjects, pathways, and careers. 

We encourage you to make yourself familiar with terms and conditions for the compeptions before applying. If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria for individual activities, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of this page.  

Participants must reside in the United Kingdom to enter.

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Film, Media and Performing Arts Video by Creative Tutor Caro Halford Filming by Susan Martin


Performing Arts Entry Example by UCA Ambassador Fi


Performing Arts Creative Process Explained by UCA Ambassador Fi

Film & Media Entry Example by UCA Ambassador Flora 

Film & Media Creative Process Explained by UCA Ambassador Flora 



To enter the Film, Media & Performing Arts Competition you will need to complete the online form here. When submitting your entry, if you are submitting multiple PDFs, please ensure these are collated into 1 PDF document and uploaded to the entry form. You will need to complete an additional supporting statement and upload this as part of the collated document. In your supporting statement, please provide the name of your artwork and tell us some information about your entry.

The deadline will be on the 16 May 2021. You’ll be contacted directly with any further information.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your entry!

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