Aglika Hristeva - Erasmus Poland

Many of my classmates were surprised when they heard I was going on Erasmus. "But you are already a foreign student, why would you want to go away again?" Well, that is exactly the point. When I left the comfort of my home it was scary – leaving things familiar behind, going to a place where everything is new and I didn’t know anyone. However, as an artist it was the best possible decision. To get out of your comfort zone and try new things is essential for any artist (and I would like to think I am such). This experience inspired me and helped me to look at the world with a different perspective, which was an asset to my creative process. I promised myself to take every chance possible to experience this feeling again. That was Erasmus for me. Another adventure, another opportunity to discover, let go of what I knew and have some fresh ideas. It is great to see the approaches of people from other countries to creativity and learning – it offers a chance to challenge yourself and also have fun with your work. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with deadlines and briefs that we forget to actually enjoy making art for the sake of making art, and for our own personal pleasure. An important lesson I learned during my time on Erasmus was to experiment with my work and think more about the process instead of just the final outcome.

However, Erasmus wasn’t all about studying and learning. On my trip to Poland I met people who are now some of the closest friends I have. It is true what they say – you make friends for life on Erasmus. I also had the chance to travel and explore so many interesting places. On Erasmus you get to meet all kinds of people, visit beautiful cities, see some amazing exhibitions and – last but definitely not least – have some great social times.

If I had to describe my Erasmus experience in two words I would say ‘adrenaline rush!’ It’s like bungee jumping – scary at first, but after you jump it changes you and you look forward to the next big thing with excitement.

 Aglika Erasmus Poland