Advice & Student Finance

Our Specialist Advisers can offer information, advice and guidance on a wide range of practical and personal issues. 

Each Specialist Adviser is a member of the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) and can discuss individual, financial and personal problems with you. All discussions are confidential.

If you need any help, advice or wish to book an appointment for any of the following, please contact the Gateway.

> Student funding (including loans)
> Bursaries and financial assistance, including the 16-18 Bursary, Adult Learner Support and Advanced Learning Loan Bursary
> Help with budgeting and financial problems
> General consumer and employment issues

Specialist Advisers Service Statement

You can find out more information about services that our Specialist Advisers provide in their Service Statement.

Chinese students: UK visa scam

Some universities have warned that Chinese students have been targeted by fraudsters and lost large sums of money.

The scammers operate by calling students, demanding large sums of money and threatening that their visas may be taken away, or that they’ll face imprisonment if they don’t pay. It is a very sophisticated scam so it is easy to believe it is genuine. If you are in any doubt please make sure you contact your institution. 

Please do not give any payments or personal information from unsolicited calls. UKVI or other bodies will never demand payment over the telephone. If you think you may have been targeted by this scam please contact your university’s international office or report it to Action Fraud

See UKCISA's advice about identifying a scam at

Campus information guides

Find local amenities, worship centres and the student discounts available on public transport whilst you are studying.


We offer a specialist immigration information, advice and guidance service to international students whilst you are on your course. Our Specialist Advisers are specifically trained and qualified and can be contacted via the Gateway in the Library on your campus. To find out more, download our Specialist Adviser Information Sheet.

Since 1968 the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) has worked to support international students and the institutions, students' unions and organisations who work closely with them. In addition to their advice line for students, they provide up-to-date information about Brexit, immigration, fees, student support, working and living in the UK for current and prospective international students.

UCA is affiliated with the organisation Host UK, which links international students at UK universities with friendly approved hosts who offer an invitation to their home for a day, a weekend, or at Christmas. Ask one of our Specialist Advisers for further information.

For information on how the Disability & SpLD Team can help, please see read our International Student Support Service Statement.

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