Teza Soe

Student Researcher, UCA Farnham

Research Student, School of Film Media and Performing Arts

Research Project Title
Redefining Feminism in Myanmar: How can photography be a useful tool to aid the emancipation of women in Myanmar and how have women photographers in Myanmar embraced issues to do with gender?

Research Project Summary
The goal of Teza's research is to investigate ‘How can photography be a useful tool to help the emancipation of women in Myanmar’. In particular, the research will identity key issues pertinent to emancipation of women through photography.

Her research methodology is to take feminism and use that as a prism to inspect Myanmar while being mindful of a relationship between feminism and photography; she aims to discover if the combination of feminist thinking and photography might help raise the consciousness and emancipate the women of Myanmar.

Personal profile
Teza Soe was born in Yangon, Myanmar and is currently based in London. She holds Bachelor of Technology in Computer Graphics & Multimedia from Bangkok University International and Master of Fine Art in Photography from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Her work explores themes of feminism, stereotypes and female diasporic identity with issues of traditionally established gender roles.

Professor Anna Fox

Professor George Barber
Professor Karen Knorr

Further information
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