Peta Jacobs

Student Researcher, UCA Farnham

Research Student, School of Crafts and Design

Research Project Title
Unfolding Material Edges and Immaterial Thresholds. An Artist's Response to Scientific Enquiry into the Foundations of Matter.

Research Project Summary
Peta Jacobs employs art practice-as-research as a means to think through questions and themes that arise from the experiments in physics as to the fundamental nature of matter - is matter at the quantum scale a particle or a wave, or both? The results of these experiments are baffling and paradoxical and lie at the heart of the interpretation problem in physics, the jury is still out more than a century on.

Drawing on the theories of Physicist David Bohm and Karen Barad, Jacobs does not merely illustrate or represent the themes, but embeds them in her artworks themselves. The works, often revealing what is normally hidden from everyday experience, afford thinking-through-making and are composed of constructions, installations, films and images that are often visually baffling and paradoxical.

The themes inhabiting Jacobs's research include: the relationship between the material and immaterial; enfolding/unfolding orders at the edge of becoming; indeterminacy, particularly of boundaries; transcending dualities ,including wave/particle duality; diffraction and interference patterns; and the paradox of unity in multiplicity.

Jacobs employs a methodology of 'textile thinking' (braiding, folding, knotting, plying, entangling) to weave together an array of difficult ideas and range of materials into coherent artworks and concepts.

Personal profile 
Prior to undertaking her PhD, Peta Jacobs gained a First Class BA in Textile Design and an MA in Textiles from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Peta is the winner of the 31st Takifuji International Art Award, Tokyo, Japan. She was Artist in Residence at the University for Creative Art, 2012-2014.

Recent exhibitions:
Royal Holloway, University of London: Interactions with the Real: Practice-based Research Conference. 
Herbert Reed Gallery, UCA, Canterbury: Immateriality: Possibilities and Experiences
Centrespace Gallery, Bristol: On the Edge of Becoming... Solo show
Hoxton Arches, London: Lines of Communication.
A&D Gallery, London: Counterpoint: Design Meets Art. Co-exhibitor. 
Young Gallery, Salisbury: Art from the Archives.
Mall Galleries, London: Coded:Decoded unravelling the message. 
Saltsmill, Saltaire: Cloth and Memory {2}. International group show. 
Hockey Gallery, Farnham: Made 2012. 
Mall Galleries, London: Hidden Places, Hidden Spaces.
Tokyo, Japan: Nagoya University of the Arts. 
Hockey Gallery, Farnham: Made 2011.

Mind and Matter Seminar, Pari Centre for New Learning, Pari, Italy: 
Beyond Being and Becoming there is a Crease, an Enfolding ... 
Research Student Conference, UCA Canterbury: Beyond Being and Becoming there is a Crease, an Enfolding ... 

Professor Lesley Millar

Professor Trevor Keeble 

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