Erin Solomons

Student Researcher, UCA Rochester

Research Student, School of Fine Art | Photography and Visual Communication

Research Project Title
Generational and Gendered Trauma: How do punitive bodily experiences from the American Civil War relate to Borderline Personality Disorder?

Performance and photography are used to critically assess the role of detachment in violent trauma. Specifically, my project analyses how prolonged experiences of violent objectification, of a person’s body, are carried into the present through maladaptive self-regulatory behaviours. I approach trauma through a behavioural scientific perspective, which refers to work by John Bowlby, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, and Dr. Jeffery Young. Case studies include photographs from the American Civil War, and artists, such as Helen Chadwick, Ron Athey, and Marina Abramovic. The goal of my research is to generate an empathic critical portrayal about trauma behind self-injurious coping patterns.  

Erin Solomons received her BA (Hons) in Art Practice at Goldsmiths College, and her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art. Over the past few years, Solomons’ artworks became a part of the Goldsmiths College collection, a finalist in the Celeste Prize in Photography, and received a Magnum Photo graduate award. Within the past year, Solomons was awarded the Wood Institute Travel Grant to conduct research at the College of the Physicians of Philadelphia and the Mütter Museum; and won the Swansea College of Art Book Award.


(July 2017)

Fifteenth International Conference:
New Directions for the Humanities
Common Ground Research Network
Imperial College
London, UK

(June 2017)

Curiosity and Cognition: Embodies Things 1400-1900
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

(November 2016)

Wood Institute Travel Grant
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

(September 2016)

Photography + Con(text)
Institute of Archeology
University College London
London, UK

(August 2016)

WEI International Academic Conference
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA, USA

(July 2016)

Ninth Global Conference of Probing the Boundaries: Madness
Interdisciplinary Press
Mansfield College
University of Oxford,
Oxford, UK

(April 2016)

Immateriality: Possibilities & Experiences
University for the Creative Arts
Canterbury, UK

Professor Jean Wainwright

Steffi Klenz

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