Eleonora Nicoletti

Student Researcher, UCA Canterbury

Research Student, Canterbury School of Architecture

Research Project Title
Design of Solar Architectural Skins: Combining High Energy Performance with Visual Engagement

Research Project Summary

Eleonora’s research project explores the design of architectural skins capable of producing visual engagement by deploying solar technologies effectively.

Considering the importance of solar technologies to improve the energy performance of buildings and the role that the architectural envelope can play in enhancing people’s experience of urban spaces, Eleonora’s research aims to advance the current knowledge of solar facades by proposing and applying a novel approach for the design of solar architectural skins that are both visually captivating and highly effective as energy generators.

Personal Profile

Eleonora Nicoletti completed her architectural training at IUAV University of Architecture in Venice, becoming a chartered architect early in 2012.

Thanks to her interest in the relationship between architecture and sustainability, she was trained in the design of cross-laminated timber constructions at the Trees and Timber Institute of the National Research Council of Italy. Later she conducted research on the technologies for reducing the use of electric power generated from non-renewable sources in media architecture. After exhibiting an energy-producing kinetic installation powered by the sun in the USA in 2013, she pursued her interest in solar energy further and started her research on solar architectural skins at UCA Canterbury School of Architecture in 2015. Besides being engaged with teaching in higher education, she has been working on projects of urban interventions involving the use of renewable energy, also in collaboration with artists.

Dr Hocine Bougdah
Professor John Wilson (external)

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