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This section provides all that useful admin information that you need to know, including fees, online enrolment, student terms and conditions and what to do if you need to change your contact details. 

  • Change of contact details

    It is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal details.

    If you do need to inform us of a change to your name, address (home/permanent address, or term time address), telephone numbers or emergency contact details, you should log in to myUCA, click on the myRecords tab and choose the relevant option (depending on the time of year, you may need to change the page, using the tabs on the left).

  • Student terms & conditions

    All students agree to the following statement as part of the Enrolment process. If you require any further information about the Ownership of Works Statement, please contact Student Records at

    I accept the place offered to me on the course and I agree to abide by the Regulations of the University for the current year. I understand that I am responsible for the payment of all fees and charges for the duration of my course at the rates set annually by the University and that confirmation of an award may be withheld unless all fees and/or any other sums due have been paid in full. If I live in Halls of Residence I also undertake to meet the costs of the booking fee and rent and to abide by the current terms and conditions of residence.
    I am aware that the University will process my personal data, or other data which the University may obtain from me or other people subsequently for purposes connected with my studies, my health and safety and other legitimate reasons. I understand that full details of the ways in which the University will use and disclose my data together with my rights in that respect are set out in the University's Data Protection Policy.
    I give my express consent to the processing of my personal data and to the sharing of my personal data with the University for the Creative Arts Students' Union for their legitimate use.

    Email Communication

    I understand that my primary e-mail address shall be the UCA e-mail address issued to me by the University. All material sent by e-mail to my UCA e-mail address shall be deemed to have been received, and it is my responsibility to check my UCA e-mail account regularly and to ensure my mailbox is not full.

    Ownership of Work

    I understand that, unless otherwise agreed in writing, ownership and copyright of all work produced by me during the course of my studies remains with me. The University (UCA), its successors or assignees shall however retain royalty-free, non-exclusive perpetual rights to reproduce and distribute student work produced as part of any course for the purposes of educational materials, marketing, publicity or otherwise enhancing the reputation of the University in all media world-wide.

    All usage shall be for non-commercial purposes only and shall include:

    • incorporating student-produced work in the University's learning and teaching materials
    • using student-produced work in the marketing and promotion of the University, its programmes and activities across all media and formats, whether now known or hereafter devised, including but not limited to the University website and social media channels, leaflets, catalogues and prospectuses
    • the use of student-produced work for academic Quality Assurance purposes.

    All use of works produced as part of my course shall be done without fee or commercial gain on the part of the University. Wherever possible, the source and original artist will be acknowledged.

    Research Students

    I agree that upon successful completion of my thesis the University for the Creative Arts may deposit this thesis on UCA Research Online. I understand that UCA Research Online is the university's electronic repository for research outputs and is accessible via the web. Policies governing material deposited on UCA Research Online can be found at the following In addition, I give my permission for the University's awarding body to submit my completed thesis to the British Library's Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS).

  • View your marks

    You can access them through myUCA.

    To view your marks, just follow these steps:

    • Log into myUCA using your network login
    • Click on myRecords on the left
    • Click on Student Home at the top
    • Click on View My Marks
    • Use the options on screen to view your marks.

    Remember that you should also use myRecords if you need to change your address, telephone number or emergency contact. You can also request Council Tax Exemption and Bank Account letters. If you need a general proof of your student status for another purpose, the Council Tax letter will also serve this purpose.

  • Proof of enrolment letters

    You can access them through myUCA!

    To request a letter, log into myUCA using your network login:

    • Click on myRecords on the left
    • Click on Student Home at the top
    • Click on Request a Council Tax/Proof of Status Letter or Request a Bank Letter

    Once requested, letters are available for collection from your Campus Registry Office. Please allow at least 2 working days before collecting them. 

    Students not regularly on campus (such as Postgraduate Research students, or during the summer break) can request the letter to be posted to them. Please request the letter through myRecords as usual and then contact Student Systems on 01252 892676 or email

  • Contact student records

    Student Records

    Tel: 01252 89 2872 / 2919

    Student Systems (Help with myRecords)

    Tel: 01252 892676

  • Change of status

    If you need to consider one of the following options:

    • Interrupting your study
    • Transferring to another course at UCA
    • Transferring to a course at a different university
    • Withdrawing from your course of study

    It is important to seek advice before making any final decision as this decision may affect any future return to study or have financial implications and you may have more options than you think!

    Your Course Leader will be able to advise on academic matters and often be able to provide practical advice about ways to resolve the problems you are having.

    Your Course Administrator in the Campus Registry Office will be able to assist if you are struggling to contact the appropriate academic member of staff. Your course administrator is shown under the "View My Marks" link on the Student Home page of myRecords.

    Student Services offer confidential advice to students. They are also often able to contact the relevant people to help you sort out your problems (whether an internal UCA department or an external organisation such as the Student Loans Company).

    Your Campus Student Union Representative will be able to help if you are struggling to know where to start and provide practical advice and support whilst you are coming to any decision.

    Make sure you speak to ALL the people who may be able to help you. For example, you will need to speak to an academic about your course, but your course administrator may be better able to answer a query regarding your tuition fees.

    You may also find UCA's Student Regulations and the Student Loans Company useful. These cover fees and other potential financial implications for students who interrupt, transfer or withdraw from study.

    Most importantly, don't put it off - seek help as soon as you are considering any change to your study. You may find that the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to find the most appropriate and timely solution for you.

    Student Change of Status

    Once you have received appropriate advice, if you decide to interrupt, transfer or withdraw, contact your Campus Registry Office to arrange to complete a Change of Status form.

    This will need to be authorised by your Course Leader, after which the Campus Registry Office will ensure it is forwarded to Student Records, who will make the required amendments to your student record, and where required inform any appropriate external agencies, including the Student Loans Company or the UK Borders Agency.

    You should note that it can in some instances take some time to process a change of status, particularly during long vacation periods and during busy times for the university including enrolment.

  • ID cards

    You will need a Student ID Card during your time at UCA. If you already have your card but are having problems using it, please contact your Library IT Advisor.

    Trouble shooting

    The name on my ID is wrong

    The name on your Student Record is your full legal name, based on the evidence you provide during enrolment. We print this name on your card. We may abbreviate your full name to ensure it fits on the card.

    You can check your Student Record by logging into myRecords (click on the tab in myUCA) and clicking on the "View My Details" option on the Student Home page.

    To change your name, take your passport (or other legal documentation) along to the Campus Registry Office. They will take a copy of your documentation and arrange for your Student Record to be changed. The change should be made within 48 hours, but may take significantly longer during busy times such as September enrolment.

    Once your name has been changed, you will be able to order a replacement card in the Library.


    The course on my ID is wrong

    The course shown will be the course you were enrolled on at the time the card was produced.

    You can check the course you are currently enrolled on by logging into myRecords (click on the tab in myUCA) and clicking on the "View My Details" option on the Student Home page.

    You should visit the Campus Registry Office if you need to complete a Change of Status form, or if your Change of Status has not yet been processed.

    Once your course has been changed, you will be able to order a replacement card in the Library.


    The end date on my ID is wrong

    This will often be wrong if you have interrupted your studies or had to retake units.

    The Campus Registry Office will be able to check your Expected End Date for you. Alternatively, contact Student Records directly on 01252 89 2872 / 2919.

    Once your Expected End Date has been changed, you will be able to order a replacement card in the Library.


  • Tier 4 student responsibilities

    This information is shown to Tier 4 students during Online Enrolment.

    As your Tier 4 visa sponsor, UCA has a legal duty to ensure that UCA and yourself comply with UK Border Agency requirements. 

    As a Tier 4 General Student in the UK, it is essential that you comply with the conditions of your Tier 4 general student visa

    • You must be fully enrolled on your course and make relevant tuition fee and accommodation payments on time to ensure continued registration.
    • During enrolment you must present your current passport and visa documents to UCA staff in order for a copy to be scanned for the University's records.
    • You need to be engaged with and progressing on your course in a satisfactory manner within the University's expectations.
    • You must keep your address and other contact details up-to-date by using the University's myRecords system to inform us of any change to these details.
    • You must inform the University of any unexpected long term absence that may affect your study.
    • If your visa requires that you register with the Police, you must do so within 7 days of arrival in the UK.

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