International Textiles Research Centre

Our International Textile Research Centre is led by Professor Lesley Millar MBE and aims to develop networks between the UK, Japan and other countries with a strong body of textile practice.

Building on the work of the Anglo-Japanese Textile Research Centre established at UCA in 2004, the centre's interests have evolved to encompass many different cultures and approaches, and since 2014 it has worked to forge links between contemporary textile practice, educational establishments, funding organisations and exhibition venues around the world.

The Centre's outstanding work was acknowledged as world-leading in REF 2014.

To learn more, visit the The International Textile Research Centre website.

Our Projects

In a co-edited book and follow-up exhibition, Professors Lesley Millar and Alice Kettle (Manchester Metropolitan University), explore the relationship between skin and cloth, and how the touch of textiles on the body can play a role in seduction and eroticism.

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