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31 March Tijana Stevanovic - Basees Annual Conference

Tijana Stevanovic - Building Subject to Groundworks: Youth Working Actions in New Belgrade

Presentation on Friday 31st March
At the Basees 2017 Annual Conference
Fitzwilliam College – Churchill College
University of Cambridge

Building upon the increasing successes of past BASEES conferences the BASEES Annual Conference continues to attract scholars of Slavonic and East European Studies from a wide range of disciplines from across the world.
The 2017 conference has attracted over 130 panels with papers in Politics; History; Sociology and Geography; Film and Media, Languages and Linguistics; Literatures and Cultures; Economics.
To mark the 1917 centenary, two keynote roundtables will focus on the Russian Revolution.
Speakers have now been announced for the third keynote roundtable - Reflection on the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Gennady Burbulis (State Secretary of Russia, 1991-92)
Leonid Kravchuk (First President of Ukraine, 1991-94)
Stanlislau Shushkevich (First Head of State of Independent Belarus, 1991-94)