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27 Oct Light Dial 2 Performance: Project Space

'Light Dial 2'; a  live performance
Project Space at 5pm on the 27th October
UCA Rochester
as part of the Digital Materials in Printed Textiles' Conference.

LIGHTDIAL was part of the Rambert New Choreography Platform 2016 and was an investigation into the creative methodology of musicians/composers Collectress, dancer/choreographer Miguel Altunaga from Rambert and artistic duo Rutter and Bennett.

Through improvisation and workshop driven practices, musical compositions and choreography were developed for a new performance that explored the disciplinary boundaries of musician, dancer/performer, choreographer and artist. The project tested the limits and constraints of the body as a continuously ‘live’ object, in order to explore improvisation (and ‘liveness’) against inherent restrictions of bodily movement, form and sound in relation to pattern.

The group worked with a number of approaches to develop the project:

  • using play and experimental doing as a form of making and thinking (i.e. a practice-based approach).
  • sharing ways of improvising and finding collaboration in approaches to improvisation.
  • Exploring ways of creating motifs within dance, sound and image.
  • Sharing methodologies inherent to each discipline that relate to the bodies physicality.
  • Testing and expanding on ways of presenting experiments through dance, performance, composition, sound, object, pattern and costume. 

The project stemmed from Rambert’s extensive history of collaboration, being the UK’s oldest dance company that maintains a “rich, raw and relevant” approach through working alongside contemporary artists, composers and musicians. Rambert’s method of collaboration uses a ‘triangulated’ approach between musician/composer, choreographer and designer; rooted in Dame Marie Rambert’s belief in the new and avant garde. The project takes this as a starting methodology – working with Miguel Altunaga, who joined Rambert in 2007 (after six years with the National Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba where he performed as a principal dancer) alongside Collectress and Rutter & Bennett.

Collectress, are a quartet of long-term musical collaborators from London and Brighton. They have performed extensively in the UK (inc. at the Whitechapel Gallery, National Gallery, Cecil Sharpe House and Kings Place, London). The members are of international standing, performing in multiple projects (both individual and in groups) outside of Collectress. Their music treads a joyful line between the intricate and organic, and their broad and dense experimental structures utilise voice, toy instruments and found sound samples alongside layers of more traditional, often romantic, strings, keys and woodwind. Importantly, their focus is upon recording and working ‘live’, in opposition to a music industry based on post-production ‘auto-tuning’. They will both score and perform the music whilst also incorporating elements of dance within their performance.

Evelyn Bennett and Chris Rutter have worked closely together for over 20 years. Their collaboration spans public art, sculpture, performance, textile design, poetry and music. They have made a variety of work from large-scale public art, collage installations, sculptural performance pieces & soundscapes. A sculptor and textile designer respectively, they approach projects with an eye for material play that is open to collaboration. Their recent projects have involved extensive cross-disciplinary work.

The development of wearable textile sculptures in performance has been an important part of their current work as this allows the incorporation of a visual narrative within the textile imagery, which both reflects the development process and compliments the performance narrative or theme itself. The ability of sculpture used on the body to enhance, restrict and deceive is of great interest and fascination to them.

The Making of Light Dial - YouTube