Concept Art for Animation 101 - 11 July 2018

Venue: Fort Pitt Hill, Rochester, ME1 1DZ
Date: Wednesday 11 July, 11am – 4pm

A workshop for teachers.

Concept artists produce the illustrations that help production designers realise their vision for films, television and computer games. Concept artists work on big budget sci-fi, fantasy, or historical films/projects where visual and special effects are required to create design spectacles, or fantastical creatures, or other invented elements. Concept artists may also be involved in the development process, producing a series of illustrations that help to sell the film to potential financiers and distributors.

In this workshop, you'll get to think like a concept artist and be introduced to ideation techniques for the design and realisation of extraordinary worlds and their imaginary components.

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Maximum places available: 18
Free materials and hospitality included