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UCA Vice-Chancellor urges young creatives to pursue their creative passions

As World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated across the globe today (21 April), University for the Creative Arts’ Vice-Chancellor Professor Bashir Makhoul has said that the time has never been more pertinent for young creatives to pursue their passions and perfect their crafts.

“Aside from the strength of the creative economy, which contributes almost £92 billion to the country’s gross domestic product, creativity and innovation are skills that are infiltrating and being recognised by every industry, sector and business,” Professor Makhoul says.

“Over recent years, it has become more apparent that people who have vision, who can create the uncreated and who can achieve the extraordinary are sought after and valued in roles across a great number of disciplines. I would urge anyone with creative desire and drive, to embrace and nurture their creative talents as demand and choice is in abundance.

“While the UK’s creative economy continues to outperform the wider economy, the need for creative individuals in more mainstream industries is also fast-growing. Science, business and traditional creative disciplines are merging together to form rapidly-expanding sectors. Modern creative technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Games, are increasingly popular. The notion of cross-sector collaboration is becoming more prominent, and the need for creative thinkers to mould and shape the landscape of new and innovative fields is clear.

The announcement by the government of the recent Creative Industries Sector Deal recognises the importance and impact that these industries are having and highlights the need to continue to invest in them and to further expand and educate the next generation of creative individuals.

Professor Makhoul adds: “It is exciting to see the government recognise the vast achievements made by the creative industries, and to acknowledge our international reputation in this field.

“The government is listening to and acting on the recommendations of specialist universities such as UCA, who have been championing and responding to the needs of the creative industries and the global economy for many years, through the adaptation of course portfolios and the introduction of degrees in cutting edge creative technologies.”

World Creativity and Innovation Day, which falls in World Creativity and Innovation Week, is a United Nationals International Day of Observance. Its key aim is to remind and encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.