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UCA Rochester Graduate Show 2019: Private View

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Rochester kicked-off their graduate show last week with a private view event that saw students showcasing their final major projects.

Graduate students from BA (Hons) Fine Art, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts, BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery, BA (Hons) Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Print, BA (Hons) Television Production, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Promotion, BA (Hons) Fashion Design, BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier, BA (Hons) Photography, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography, and BA (Hons) Design for Theatre exhibited their latest works.

 Maria Alamanioti Rochester Graduate Show

Maria Alamanioti

Maria Alamanioti studied BA (Hons) Jewellery and took inspiration for her final collection from Greek civilisation. Maria, who comes from Athens decided to base her fine engraving detail on the traditional Greek costumes of ancient Greece. She worked with brass, and used a wax-casting technique to create the rings and necklaces. Maria said: “I tried to concentrate on how the jewellery felt on the hand or body, replicating the feel of the airy and fluid fabrics of the ancient Greeks.”

 Niamh Duddy Rochester Graduate Show 2019

© Niamh Duddy

Niamh Duddy who also studied BA (Hons) Jewellery played around with the idea of containment to create her pastel-hued jewellery collection. Niamh said: “I looked at how things were contained and how things were put together. Then I started forcing shapes together, with each shape having its own slot within one harmonious whole”. The material Niamh used for her collection was Jesmonite, a resin, which feels like ceramic. This sustainable and adaptable material is: “relatively new in jewellery design, but being used more and more,” said Niamh.

 © Aynrand Cosette Ariel

© Aynrand Cosette Ariel 'Balikbayan'

A.C Ariel, a BA (Hons) Fashion Photography graduate comes from the Philippines, and her work was heavily influenced by its colonial history and her homecoming. A.C said: “It is about re-learning the past history of the Philippines, which I wasn’t taught in England”. Much of the imagery is based on the religious iconography of their Spanish colonial history. The title of the project ‘Balikbayan’ is a Filipino word meaning homecoming – a Filipino returning to the Philippines after spending time in another country. A.C. added: “The models are either family members or people who lived in my street, and the stylist I worked with and all the clothes I used, are by Filipino designers and creatives.”

Ingse Rochester Graduate Show 2019

Ingse-lita Bjørkli

Ingse-lita Bjørkli studied BA (Hons) Photography and used her final project as a way to explore the difficult past-relationship between her and her dad. Ingse was inspired by the photographer Alec Soth’s documentary style, and wanted to create a work that was: “a bit more personal, using inanimate objects and hand gestures as metaphors for longing and emptiness and loneliness.”

Edward Thompson, UCA lecturer in photography said: ‘Ingse’s work is really visual, really personal, it is the perfect convergence of aesthetic and concept together.”

Laura Davies Rochester Graduate Show 2019

Laura Davies 'Rendezvous with Rama'

Laura Davies, a third year BA (Hons) Theatre Design student based her final project on the sci-fi book Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, a seventies idea of what the future would look like in one hundred and fifty years. Laura said: “My work plays on the ideas of how they thought the future would look in the seventies, which was full of hope versus what our future looks like now, which is full of denial”. With a design that encompasses trash mountains, skyscrapers painted with blue skies, and an energy solution that relies on air pollution, “the idea is a satirical take on the hopes and ideas of our future,” said Laura.

Sheena Okyereoye Rochester Graduate Show 2019

© Sheena Okyereoye 'London to Ghana'

Sheena Okyereoye who studied BA (Hons) Fashion: Textiles Print, named her final project ‘London to Ghana: cleaning to the rhythm of the beat’. Sheena said: “My urban streetwear collection is about infusing western trends with first-hand imagery from Ghana as a way to make communities more waste-conscious”. On a recent visit to Ghana, Sheena was shocked by the amount of general waste in the towns and villages and was stirred into action, creating a campaign to encourage people to be more mindful of plastic use and waste collection.

The Rochester Graduate Show is on till Friday 21 June.