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Get ready for the 2015 Masters Degree Shows

Once again we’ve opened our doors for the annual Masters Degree Shows. These shows begin at the end of August and run throughout September across each of our four campuses. This year’s exhibition will include work from postgraduate degrees in Architecture, Curatorial Practice, Crafts, Fashion, Design, Textiles, Photography and Fine Art, among others.

Our Canterbury show will include 71-year-old MA Fine Art student Robin Thompson’s project on aging. Robin believes there is a conflict in aging, which he describes as: “the potential for great calm and freedom” set against “issues of frailty and ill health.” He contrasts these states in his art, which will be exhibited alongside the work of other postgraduate students.

Robin Thomspon

Our Rochester show will take place at The Rag Factory in London and will feature the work of MA Photography student, Martin Garwood. Martin’s series – Acts of Enclosure – looks at the way people try to control natural spaces, with a particular focus on the domestication of woodland structures. Also at The Rag Factory, MA Contemporary Jewellery student Louise Shoulders will be exhibiting her final collection, Mermaids’ Tears. The ocean and the impact of humans on the environment have inspired Louise’ jewellery collection.

At our Farnham campus, MA Contemporary Jewellery student Christine Johnson will be exhibiting her collection called Crossings. This collection is based on forms and textures found in nature – specifically feathers. Reflecting on her work, Christine said: “it's the lines in feathers and the way that they can be completely straight and formal, and sometimes they can become fluffy in the wind.”

Martin Garwood