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UCA Jewellery Graduate exhibits at London Craft Week

Manuela Kagerbauer a 2018 graduate of MA Jewellery from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) will have her work on display as part of G.F Smith and MaterialDriven’s ‘Beyond Paper: The Craft of Material Making’ exhibition during London Craft Week (May 8-15).

“Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand” © Manuela Kagerbauer | 'Beyond Paper' exhibition

MaterialDriven is a design agency and Material Library working with UCA students on a variety of material-based live projects. UCA got on MaterialDriven’s radar a couple of years ago at the New Designers showcase. Adele, a partner at MaterialDriven said: “We found the student’s use of materials and the way they were challenging our perception of materials in traditional crafts like weaving, very interesting.”

© Sam Lander | 'Beyond Paper' exhibition

“We think it is important to work with students at the university level as they are the future designers and makers of our communities. We feel that the more they understand the potential and importance materials have within their industries, the better the products they will create.”

At this year’s London Craft Week MaterialDriven is hosting an exciting and immersive exhibition in G.F Smith’s London Show Space. The exhibition focuses on the role of the Material Maker. Adele said “It is a way to get the visitor to look at materials in a new light. The partnership with G.F Smith made paper both a great starting point and springboard for the materials and makers featured.”

© Gomi Design | 'Beyond Paper' exhibition

Manuela ‘s installation Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand (Mirror Mirror on the Wall) will feature as part of the ‘Beyond Paper’ exhibition. Her work transforms metal foils–courtesy of global materials supplier Goodfellow– into sculptures and surfaces, “really making tangible the design potential of technical material,” said Adele. The patterns in her work are symptomatic of early stage Macular Degeneration, a visual impairment, which she hopes to increase awareness of through her work. The metal octagonal tubes are held in place purely by tension and when standing in front of them, one can faintly see a distorted self-reflection in the stainless steel.  

“Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand” © Manuela Kagerbauer

So what else does Adele from MaterialDriven recommend seeing at London Craft Week: “One that we are very curious about is Today at Apple—a partnership between technology giant Apple and London Craft Week. Apple is collaborating with designers and makers to envision the future of craft through hands-on sessions, such as digital embroidery, across its stores in London. Designers such as Yinka Ilori and Natsai Chieza are among the creatives, whose sessions promise to be very interesting.”

"Protopaperlab" © N&D | 'Beyond Paper' exhibition

“Also worth seeing is the program of ‘Future of Craft’ talks being organised by Design Nation and Future Icons at the Oxo Tower also promises to be great. The talks cover many pertinent issues, and will explore the place that Craft has in society.”

MaterialDriven’s next live project with UCA students is for one of their clients, Goodfellow, who Manuela has worked with since 2018. “They are keen to look into more design orientated exploration of their materials and would like to support new generations of designers in understanding these materials’ capabilities and potential,” commented Adele.

"Prolong Stool" © Charlotte Allen | 'Beyond Paper' exhibition

“It is an inspiring experience to see how students from different backgrounds and disciplines engage with materials, and see how they incorporate these materials into their work.” 

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