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International Foundation Art, Design & Media Showcase–Final Major Project Exhibition

Students from International Foundation in Art, Design & Media at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham showcased their end of year work at the Final Major Project Exhibition before progressing on to UCA undergraduate courses next year.

Some of the work included a jewellery collection designed by Yue Guo from Beijing, China, who has been strongly influenced by Chinese designer Su JieFeng–who through his work shows the fonts of different Chinese characters across the eras. Yue chose to tell the story of how ancient Chinese characters evolved through the way of wearing jewellery, in a project titled 'The Rebirth of Chinese Characters'.


Yue’s designs feature the ancient pictorial oracle script, a prototype of Chinese characters, choosing to work with ceramic because of China’s long history with it. Yue’s jewellery further mirrors her cultural heritage through her choice of blue and white colouring, which she uses in both the ceramic crown and earrings, reflecting the ancient Chinese blue and white porcelain decoration.

Another student Yukari Togawa from Japan, who plans to progress on to the BA Graphic Design course next year, created a new font called Goppo, the name which originates from a combination of Van Gogh and Typography. The concept and title of the project ‘The Moment Art Changes to Design’, seeks to show the difference between Art and Design.


Yukari said: “most people don’t understand the difference between Art and Design, they are actually completely different things. Art is an expression whereas Design is problem-solving. I wanted to try transforming Art to Design”. This new font–designed using Adobe software–has a 3D appearance, which was part of a conscious effort to create texture.

Other works included a prototype youth centre made using laser-cut wood by Abdullah A. AlHemdan who is progressing on to BA Architecture at UCA Canterbury, a new brand identity for a survival gear company called 'Alpha' by Elyas Alamoodi who will study BA Graphic Design in the Autumn and a project that explored the "Art of Folding" using paper and fabric by Ashley (Wen Yu), who starts a BA Fashion course this September.

© Abdullah A. AlHemdan 'Redoubt Centre'

© Ashley (Wen Yu) 'The Art of Folding'

© Elyas Alamoodi 'Alpha–The Survival Gear Brand'


Each student from the Foundation course had their work showcased in the exhibition which ran until April 5.