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Apocalyptic art installation greets visitors at the Farnham Graduate Show

The first artwork you will encounter as you approach the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham graduate show, is entitled ‘Lost Bear Crashed Car’, by BA (Hons) Fine Art student Dounya Baker.

This extraordinary artwork, which at first glance looks like a car has crashed into the front wall of UCA, on closer inspection reveals a brightly-dressed teddy bear, splashes of pink paint and a stream of smoke. Dounya said: “It was my dad’s old car, which was supposed to be scrapped. It is not driveable so we had to toe it here, push it in to place, and beat it up once it was positioned.

“I looked at apocalyptic themes in the media, and the contrast of disastrous events with children’s memorabilia, particularly teddy bears. In this installation, the bear takes on a guise of a person in an apocalyptic world, and is emblematic of wanting to go back to a simpler life, harking back to childhood and a more innocent time.”

Laura Mobbs.

Laura Mobbs, BA (Hons) Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork, who specialises in jewellery, designed a range of rings called the ‘Early Morning Collection’, which encapsulated the feeling of the forest through the use of natural materials such as wood. Laura said: “This collection is inspired by my late grandad, and all the wood that I’ve used came from his time as a woodturner. The name of the collection derives from the early morning walks that I went on with him when I was younger. This is my way of paying homage to him, and presenting the grain of the wood at its best.”

Marta Rippetoe

Marta Rippetoe, BA (Hons) Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork is a glass artist who specialises on neon and glass. Her work entitled ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, is a series of work that represents the artists struggle with anxiety. Marta said: “The work represents how people don’t truly understand who I am, and how people’s perceptions are distorted by forces beyond my control. I have been using these pieces as a coping mechanism to work through my anxiety.”

Jennifer Murphy.

Jennifer Murphy, BA (Hons) Fine Art worked in mixed media to create an installation piece called ‘Candi’, which looks at the life of a fictionalised character and television star who is struggling with life. Jennifer said: “It is about how we are so obsessed with ourselves and how we need validation from likes on Facebook to feel like we are somebody.”

The UCA Farnham graduate show is on until Saturday 15th June.

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