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UCA Epsom's Graduate Show 2019: Private View

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Epsom is showcasing their graduate work in an exhibition that will run until 22 June.

New graduate work will be on display from; BA (Hons) Fashion, BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing, BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Music Journalism, BA (Hons) Music Marketing, and BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism.

Sarah Adams 'Together'

Sarah Adams 'Together' ThisWayUp.Graphics

Sarah Adams, a BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate, based her final major project on inequality and how we teach it to our children. ‘Together’ is a campaign that aims to raise awareness around the issues of inequality, challenging current gender norms to create a more equal, open-minded set of values for future generations to thrive in. The campaign is composed of screen-printed paraphernalia as well as three self-binding publications to provide parents and teachers with conversation starters. Sarah Adams said: “The campaign will be brought to life in a festival setting, an Inequality Festival, to start teaching children about inequality.”

Maddie McArdle 'Sustainable Workspace Manifesto'

Maddie McArdle 'Sustainable Workplace Manifesto' ThisWayUp.Graphics

Maddie McArdle studied (BA) Hons Graphic Design and came up with the idea of a sustainable workplace manifesto for her final major project. Maddie said: “I believed that if you adopted one, or two or all of the considerations, it will develop your workspace into a happier, healthier workforce, and create a more positive work environment to be in”. To create the manifesto Maddie created sustainable inks from matcha tea and used-coffee grounds and screen printed on to 100% recycled paper, which after use can be made into a biodegradable paper plant-pot.

Anna Hale 'Pomar'

Anna Hale a BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing graduate created a new eco-sustainable fragrance brand for her final major project. The fragrance, which was called ‘Pomar’ uses sustainable ingredients for the conscious consumer. Anna said: “The brand aims to educate consumers on product ingredients, what they mean and where they have come from. I wanted to ensure I wasn’t fuelling the single-use economy and made my product as circular as possible”. Anna is currently interning at JW Anderson.

Paddy Tate 'Lost Pet Posters'

Paddy Tate 'Lost Pet Posters' ThisWayUp.Graphics

Paddy Tate, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, based his final project on the design of Lost Pet Posters. Paddy said: “I created my own poster typeface based on the lost pet design, and have custom-drawn each letter.” Paddy used his typeface to design a suite of “alternative” Pet Posters to be displayed in public places. The posters would explore things that people would not normally shout about in public; I am feeling insecure, I miss my family, I’m losing my sense of identity, I am lonely. Paddy added: “I asked people on Instagram what they were missing or what they felt they’d lost in their life, and these posters are genuine things that people have shared with me.” Paddy will begin an MA in Graphic Communication at Falmouth next year.

The Epsom Graduate Show is on till Saturday 22 June.