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UCA Design student commended for The Body Shop design brief

Camille Gaggiotti a BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design student from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham, was awarded a commendation for her design brief for The Body Shop, at the 2019 Retail Design Student Awards.

Camille Gaggiotti with her design

“I was simply enjoying the process of designing, but I never thought that I would be amongst the finalists, let alone receive a commendation. These awards are important in terms of proving to members of the industry that I am capable of tackling a serious, industry-led brief,” said Camille.

The 2019 Retail Design Student Awards were held at RetailEXPO in Olympia, London last week. Students from the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course tackled a brief given to them by The Body Shop and were mentored by Tim Greenhalgh and Mario Brown of FITCH. Other briefs came from The Co-op and Costa Coffee. Among the judges were: Elliot Price from Household Design, Jill Higgins from Kinnersley Kent Design, Anna Sanders from Dalziel & Pow, and Matthew Valentine from Retail Design World. Former Design Week editor Lynda Relph-Knight chaired the panel.

From among the UCA students who submitted their designs, three were finalists, Toni Hougham, Hina Malik and Camille Gaggioti. Camille went on to receive a commendation for her design. Tim Greenhalgh who is the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at FITCH said of Camille’s design: “It was immediately eye-catching and an interesting take on the Body Shop brief.

“I thought all three finalists really deserved the credit they got - I was impressed with Camille’s work because it was so simple yet so determined and I think that appealed to the judges. She thought of so many things, which was great.”

© Hina Malik (Finalist)

© Toni Hougham (Finalist)

Camille’s commended design for The Body Shop encouraged her to enjoy the process and stick to her gut instinct: “I started out with an overly complicated design that involved three different rooms, and three different experiences. I ended up with a design based around understanding the providence of the ingredients, its qualities and making your own personalised product,” said Camille.

She added: “We had Tim Greenhalgh help us along the way. Tim is actually the one who pushed me to draw my plan and elevation by hand instead of on the computer.”

© Camille Gaggiotti (Commendation)

Tim and Mario’s involvement in the Awards are fundamental to the foundation of FITCH. Tim said: “Mentoring students during this award is always a great learning experience on both sides - I always wanted these awards to be an opportunity for emerging creative talent to take on real-world briefs and have their work celebrated on a bigger stage.”

“I feel the purpose of FITCH and our industry is to help emerging talent find their professional voice. One of the reasons the UK Creative industry is regarded as one of the best in the world is because of the talent that is nurtured at university and we should celebrate that and contribute wherever we can.”

So how should aspiring designers approach future briefs: “be bold and go for it,” said Tim.

Tim Greenhalgh with the three UCA finalists.