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UCA commemorates staff who have completed 20 years of service

Last week UCA celebrated staff members who have completed an outstanding twenty years of service at the University for the Creative Arts, in an awards ceremony that was attended by Vice-Chancellor Professor Bashir Makhoul and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Alan Cooke.

(From l-r: Jim Casey, Tracey Draper, Vice-Chancellor Professor Bashir Makhoul, Catharine Brooking, Nicky Linscott, Noski Deville)

In an opening speech given by the Professor Makhoul, he asked the recipients of the ‘20 Years Service’ award about the most memorable moment of their career and something that came up time and time again was an appreciation for the wonderful and talented students and staff they worked with every day.

Speaking to some of the recipients of the award, it was clear that working at UCA for the last twenty years has been an absolute joy and privilege.

 Jim Casey, the Technical Tutor in the Materials Workshop, said that his highlight had been: “Seeing students produce their ideas from paper to actually making a three-dimensional model. As well as getting them to grow in confidence, as I find a lot of them don’t have confidence in a workshop environment at the start of the course.”

Nicky Linscott, who works as a Collections and Metadata Officer really values working for a creative institution: “I really enjoy contact with the students, just having the link with them, exploring ideas with them and seeing their creative talents was wonderful–very encouraging. I love going around the exhibitions at graduation time, it’s absolutely stunning, it makes me wish I was a bit more creative myself.”

Catharine Slade-Brooking, senior lecturer in Graphic Communication answers Professor Bashir’s question, with some particularly fitting metaphors: “Working here is a little bit like the grit in an oyster, to be creative you need to have something that’s constantly itching and nagging at you for you to make the pearl. I think UCA is very much like that. Creatives are perfectionists, so that is quite a difficult thing to carry around all day, but working here is the closest thing to perfection you can get. We are a solely art and design, creative environment and our students are here just to be creative. We can be as geeky as we like! We are loads of square pegs that haven’t found a square hole until we come here–UCA is our square hole.”

Stuart Hilton (left) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Alan Cooke.

Twenty years might seem a long way off for most of us but, what has sustained Noski Deville, Senior Lecturer in Film Production for so long, was the talent.

She said: “I’m very proud of the cinematography department. I’ve got to work with wonderfully talented students and work to maintain and build up the cinematography department. I still work out in the industry and am a member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, which means that I get to bring both those expertise and industry links back with me to the classroom, which is really important. Being a lecturer is a very privileged and wonderful position to be in because you are constantly working with new talent, new creatives and that’s a very rewarding relationship.”

Noski went on to say: “It’s like long-term gardening, you’re watching people’s careers over ten-fifteen years before you have any idea about them finding what’s right for them and where they’re going. Often the thing you will remember about them will be from their first film project because what you see them learn and take away from it, will always stay with you.”

UCA’s bronze memento is awarded to members of staff who have completed 20 years of service and was designed by final year BA (Hons) Contemporary Jewellery student, Marissa Fernandes: I wanted to keep the design simple,” Marissa explains, “so that [the memento] was universal no matter what campus the recipient was on, or the role they played within the University.” The memento was cast by staff in the metalwork facilities on the Farnham campus.

Long Service Award 2019:

Jim Casey - Technical Tutor Materials Workshop
Nicky Linscott - Collections and Metadata Officer
Catharine Slade-Brooking - Senior Lecturer Graphic Communication
Noski Deville - Senior Lecturer in Film Production
Stuart Hilton - Lecturer in Animation
Tracey Draper - VC Office Executive Assistant
Anne Caron-Delion - Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design Theory
Caron Vaus - Chef Supervisor
Lesley Adams - Course Leader Animation and Board of Governors
Beverley Hennessy - Course Administrator
Susan Lee - Adviser
Julie Critcher - Facilities Manager