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Photography student has her work showcased by Vogue Italia

Emily Light, a final-year BA (Hons) Photography student from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), has had her pictures featured in Vogue Italia.

Emily has always been interested in photography, picking up a camera from a young age and studying it from the age of sixteen. She decided to practice her craft at UCA Farnham because the course spoke to her work the most. 

“My work tends to focus on empowering people. I typically use my friends to model for me, which opens up a level of confidence that most models usually don’t get to experience,” said Emily. “I particularly love photographing women. I think women are magical and beautiful, and if my friends can see themselves in that way through my work, then my job is complete.”

© Emily Light for Vogue Italia

Natural Light, Natural Beauty by Emily Light

The photographs featured in Vogue Italia were taken in the summer, using natural lighting. Emily shot, styled, directed and edited all the photographs herself.

In the shot of the three women, Emily used a theme of gold and yellow on all three models, and was inspired to incorporate flowers into the scene, which were given to her by a friend.

The two other photographs feature her housemate, who had recently cut his hair and dyed it green, evoking Frank Ocean on the cover of his Blonde album, a theme Emily decided to explore through her photographs.

“I tend to use the camera to push myself beyond what I am able to create with just my mind,” explained Emily.

© Emily Light for Vogue Italia

Pink + White by Emily Light

Emily’s work has been published in more than ten magazines and she hopes to work as a freelance photographer after completing her degree.

“When I graduate I hope to travel around the world meeting and connecting with new people, photographing wherever I go, and creating every day. And perhaps one day in the future I could teach, and share my photography practise and experiences with others,” added Emily.

To learn more about studying Photography at UCA visit the course pages.

Photographer, Emily Light

Emily Light