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UCA staff and students showcase their work at Arles 2019

Marilene Ribeiro, a PhD graduate from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Farnham is the first Latin American female photographer to be shortlisted for the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2019 for her work Dead Water. Her book is currently on show as part of the books section at the Arles Exhibitions 1 July - 22 September.

'Dead Water' © Marilene Cardoso Ribeiro

'Dead Water' by Marilene Ribeiro

Dead Water was one of eighteen shortlisted projects out of one hundred and forty-six entries from around the world. It is a story about dams and hydropower from the perspective of the Brazilian people who have been affected by these supposedly “sustainable and green” energy sources. Marilene, who is a photographer and ecologist, used her work to engage with the intangible costs of dams and hydropower, as a counterpoint to the widespread notion that it is a positive energy source that promotes development and fights global warming.

© Marilene Cordoso Ribeiro

'Dead Water' © Marilene Ribeiro

Dead Water is driven by portraits, with each participant in dialogue with testimonies, vernacular imagery, drawings, folk songs lyrics, and advertising pieces.  These jointly constructed portraits provide the context, atmosphere, and overall message of the work. 

Anna Fox and Karen Knorr both professors of photography at UCA Farnham, and BA (Hons) Photography graduates Natasha Caruana, David Moore, Ken Grant and Anthony Haughey also have their work on display at Arles 2019, at an exhibition entitled ‘Home Sweet Home 1970 – 2018: The British Home, A Political History’.

My mothers' cupboards and my fathers' words © Anna Fox

'My Mothers' Cupboards and my Fathers' Words' © Anna Fox

Home Sweet Home brings together thirty artists of all generations to share the intimacy and the everyday life of Britain from the 1970s to the present day. A look around the home sheds light – from different angles – on the social, cultural and political realities, past and present, of British society.

The Taste of Others © Karen Knorr

'The Taste of Others' © Karen Knorr

All these works will be on show at the Arles 2019 Les Recontres de la Photographie exhibition, which runs until 22nd September 2019.

To learn more visit the Arles 2019 website.

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