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UCA artist begins touring creative geographies exhibition after travelling the globe by motorbike

A UCA artist and researcher is to begin touring an exhibition that explores the way that geography and the visual arts interact, following a year-long creative expedition by motorbike.

Simon Pruciak, a lecturer in lens-based media at UCA, biked across four continents and documented the twelve-month expedition through photography, video and text. The project will now be showcased at locations including the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, ArtLab in Beirut, the Royal Geographical Society and many others.

“Journey-Limitless is about exploring common territories and the boundaries of contemporary visual arts and geography,” Simon said. “The project involved completing a full circuit of the Earth, focusing on trade routes as spaces that bind cultures together and facilitate the flow of political influence, knowledge and people.”

The expedition spanned 45,000km, 40 countries and four continents. The touring exhibition will take place at a number of locations over the next year and will culminate in a publication to be released towards the end of 2018.

Simon commented: “The concept of creative geographies, or the way that geography and the visual arts interact, is relatively unexplored. Our aim was to investigate common territories and boundaries of art and geography by crossing physical borders of diverse cultural contexts to better understand the similarities and differences in cultural and physical landscape.

“Through the research carried out, I was able to visit and explore some of the world’s most fascinating routes, investigating the relationships that these spaces have with communities and people around them and understanding more about how place influences identity.

“From trekking to Base Camp on Everest, biking across the desert in Balochistan on the Afghaistan-Pakistani border and travelling along Route 66, there were so many rich and diverse opportunities to capture stunning still and moving imagery.”

As part of the project, which received patronage from the UN and research funding from UCA, Simon was also able to give creative and educational workshops to schoolchildren living in deprived areas on route.

“The educational side of our journey allowed people to experience art education while living in environments that would otherwise make it impossible or extremely difficult to access,” he added.

To find out more about journey-limitless, and to visit the exhibition, please go to

Simon Pruciak landscape shot

Images by Simon Pruciak.