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UCA students secure nominations in every category for Royal Television Society awards

Seven films created by UCA students have been shortlisted for the Royal Television Society Southern Centre Student Awards.

With projects ranging from an animation which takes a playful look inside the minds of six year olds, to a tongue-in-cheek film on VHS videos, our students have secured nominations across all categories of the prestigious awards.

Stewart Powers’ film Dinosaurs in the Playground received a nomination in the Animation category. Stewart, who studied BA (Hons) Animation at UCA Farnham, said of his film: “I'd say the space scene is probably the scene that I'm most proud of. That scene took the longest to produce as I was animating several different elements at once. It was my first time shooting a moving clay figure as well, which was a tricky bit to choreograph.

“I used a variety of animation techniques and styles including whiteboards, chalkboards, real life objects and Claymation,” he added on why he felt his animation stood out to the judges. “I think the use of all of these elements ended up producing a style of film that was hopefully quite different to the majority of others.”

Ana Fesser, who recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Film Production, was pleased to see her work nominated in the Short Film category. She said: “My production, Atmos, is about filmmaking. Making the film involved lots of creativity and solving problems. It was something that had loads of preparation but still felt improvised and spontaneous. I took advantage of a Christmas meal with my family and persuaded them to act in the short.

“It was a surprise to be nominated and it feels extremely satisfying. I’m so appreciative to have people seeing my work and perceiving it as something special and interesting.”

In addition to Dinosaurs in the Playground and Atmos, the other nominated films created by UCA students are: Videobox in the Comedy and Entertainment category; Spilt Milk and What’s Wearing Mummy in the Drama category; Harvest in New Life in the Factual category; and Nymphs in the Short Film category.

On his project Nymphs, final-year BA (Hons) Film Production student Tudor Massaci said: “It was very challenging dealing with a 12-location and 18-character film project - and still managing to build a narrative from a very personal story without being too transparent, I hope.  But to be honest, I am most proud of my grandmother, who agreed to spend half a day filming on location, although she practically never leaves her house these days as she suffers from Alzheimer’s.  She had a great time, was focused and nuanced - like a real actress, at 85!" 

The winners of the Royal Television Society Southern Centre Student Awards will be announced at a ceremony in Winchester on Friday 3rd March.